Digital Envoy acquires Location Sciences measurement technology

Digital envoy buys tech from location sciences - mediashotz

Digital Envoy, the pioneer of IP intelligence and high-quality consent-based location data, has announced it has acquired the analytics business of Location Sciences, a location verification provider.

Location Sciences

This acquisition will allow Digital Envoy to offer reports and visualisations on top of its existing products catered to non-ad-tech clients in Consulting, OOH, Hedge-Funds, and Real-Estate. 

Clients will have this access without having to share any Ad-ID or geographic coordinates associated with the analytic data.

“Obtaining quality verification and measurement data continues to be an uphill battle for clients as a result of GDPR,” said Josh Anton, CSO of Digital Envoy. 

“The acquisition of Location Sciences will leverage the strengths of both companies to provide high-quality location analytics and best-in-class data science best practices globally as consent based legislation becomes the global norm.”

The Digital Envoy and Location Sciences agreement will include the sale of Location Sciences’ visualisation analytics technology as well as continuing the services provided to the existing analytics clients using the Location Sciences platform.

“We are thrilled that our technology will now be utilised and made available to broader markets looking for top-of-the-line reports and visualisation,” said Mark Slade, CEO of Location Sciences. 

“We’ve had an ongoing relationship with the leadership at Digital Envoy and are confident that they will continue promoting our goal of providing customers with high-quality location verification technology.”

Location Sciences Group is listed on the London Stock Exchange and its shares trade on the AIM (Alternative Investment Market) for smaller companies.