Digilearning teams up with The Creative Ladder for POSSIBLE


Digilearning, a digital skills charity and trailblazer in digital career transformation, has joined forces with The Creative Ladder, a fellow not-for-profit organisation, to launch an innovative initiative aimed at empowering the next generation of marketing leaders.

The collaboration, known as the #IamPossible initiative, seeks to harness the potential of emerging talent and redefine the landscape of the marketing industry.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Miami’s POSSIBLE event in April 2024 #IamPossible is poised to ignite inspiration among our select cohort of young professionals who represent the future of marketing.

Through immersive experiences, mentorship programs, and skill-building workshops, participants will gain invaluable insights and resources to propel their careers forward.

Digilearning and The Creative Ladder

Building on the success of their impactful debut at Cannes Lions 2023, Digilearning and The Creative Ladder are committed to challenging conventional hiring practices and advocating for talent-driven decisions over traditional backgrounds.

By prioritising meritocracy, the initiative aims to create a more inclusive and dynamic industry landscape where talent thrives.

“As the leading provider of digital education solutions, I’m thrilled Digilearning is partnering with POSSIBLE this year,” said Christian Muche, CEO and Co-Founder of Beyond Ordinary Events & POSSIBLE.

“Digilearning and Creative Ladder are committed to bringing the next generation of marketers to our event in Miami Beach to launch the #IamPOSSIBLE initiative, which is aimed at empowering future leaders.

“I strongly believe this effort will not only ignite inspiration; it will help create a more inclusive industry for all.”

Lisa Goodchild, Fuonder of Digilearning, said: “We believe that every individual has the potential to make a meaningful impact in the marketing world”.

“With Possible returning for its second annual event in Miami, hailed as the US hub of innovation and reminiscent of the prestigious Cannes Lions festival, it is the perfect destination to highlight our mission.

“With #IamPossible, we’re providing a platform for emerging talent to shine and showcasing the power of diversity, creativity, and innovation.”

Dionna Dorsey, CEO at The Creative Ladder, said: “We’re thrilled to partner with Digilearning on this groundbreaking initiative”.

“We believe that the lack of diversity in marketing is an opportunity deficit, not a talent deficit. By providing access and opportunities for diverse talent through #IamPossible we hope to help close the opportunity deficit and elevate this next generation of diverse talent.”

As Digilearning and The Creative Ladder continue to make waves in the industry, they invite forward-thinking organisations and individuals to join them in shaping the future of marketing and embracing the possibilities of #IamPossible.