Dennis Publishing adopts LiveRamp Authenticated Traffic Solution

dennis publishing

UK publishing firm Dennis Publishing has announced a strategic partnership with LiveRamp, a data connectivity platform, to utilise its Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS). 

ATS allows publishers to connect consented first-party user data with LiveRamp’s people-based identifier, enabling advertising on authenticated, cookieless inventory in a privacy-first manner.

Dennis Publishing deal 

In addition to creating a sustainable business model based on trust and high-quality content, Dennis’ partnership with LiveRamp will provide marketers with the opportunity to maintain and improve data-driven marketing capabilities and deliver highly personalised and relevant messages to Dennis’ 50 million unique monthly users across its portfolio of over 30 brands including Kiplinger, The Week and Auto Express.

LiveRamp, with its neutral, interoperable solutions, is at the centre of the move towards a trusted ecosystem, and a free, open web. 

Further, the company supports publishers’ increased focus on authentications, as the industry moves away from third-party cookies in favour of privacy-centric, people-based solutions rooted in a trusted value exchange with consumers. 

LiveRamp helps connect publisher audiences with over 400 of the world’s leading advertisers, and to date, more than 325 publishers globally have adopted ATS. 

To help accelerate the adoption of ATS and support the urgency of building an authenticated infrastructure, LiveRamp is also expanding its global presence and increasing investment across its addressability efforts.

Serving customers

Daniel Powell-Rees, Revenue Operations Director at Dennis Publishing, said: “At Dennis, we are committed to better understanding and serving our customers. 

“With the deprecation of third-party cookies on the horizon, and restrictions coming into place across device IDs and MAIDs such as Apple’s IDFA, it’s vital we have a solution in place that provides our readers with the optimum open, honest value exchange, and also enables our advertising clients to reach highly engaged, precision-targeted audiences.

“ATS offers the holistic and transparent service we are seeking. It will help give Dennis a competitive advantage, by allowing us to enrich our inventory with quality data, while maintaining user trust. 

“Thus unlocking major revenue opportunities by making our inventory more addressable and measurable for marketers.”

Zara Erismann, MD Publisher BD Europe at LiveRamp, said: “ATS – and our Authenticated Identity Infrastructure – is quickly gaining momentum in the UK, and globally, as the recognised, trusted, neutral partner for addressable infrastructure. 

“Our partnership with Dennis Publishing, one of the UK’s most dynamic media companies, underscores this.

“At LiveRamp, we truly believe first-party authentication will be the number one enabler of growth for publishers post third-party cookies, and we are proud to be working with strategic partners, like Dennis, towards a trusted ecosystem that places people and privacy at its core.”