Dedicated metaverse agency Eidgensi launches


Eidgensi, a media agency specialising in advertising, branding, and customer experience for the web 2.0 to 3.0 transition, has announced its global launch offering bespoke tools and services for the new internet era. 

If you’re struggling to pronounce the firm’s name, it’s like saying ‘agency’ but with a ‘d’ added for dramatic effect.


Trusted by clients such as Alkimi and Jacob Fellander, Eidgensi is designed to help established brands and agile SMEs adapt to a changing digital landscape.

Designed to bridge the gap between web 2.0 and 3.0, Eidgensi is the first media agency to provide “web 2.5” services. 

Web 2.0 essentials such as programmatic advertising are delivered with a web 3.0 twist through the utilisation of blockchain technology to offer transparent auditing and minimise fees, while cutting-edge concepts such as tokenomics, NFTs, and the metaverse are demystified and easily integrated with existing digital infrastructure.

By effectively operating as three agencies in one — with distinct web 2.0, web 2.5, and web 3.0 services — Eidgensi allows businesses to explore the evolution of the internet from any starting point, whether they are a house-name retailer launching an NFT-based loyalty scheme or a crypto startup building up their online advertising and branding fundamentals.

Eidgensi launches with the following services across web 2.0, web 2.5 and web 3:

  • Media Buying strategies across Video, Display, Audio, Connected TV, Digital Out of Home, Augemented Realties and Metaverses
  • Creative Strategy to ensure effective omni-channel media buying
  • End to End Web3 Services; Smart Contract Development, Minting Pages, Marketing Strategies, Auditing

“Web 3.0 is not the future anymore, it’s here,” said Georges Tertois, General Manger, at Eidgensi. 

“However, concepts such as blockchains and tokens are uncharted territory for most businesses, who need a helping hand to guide them through the new internet era and identify the commercial use cases for emerging technologies. 

“Web 3.0 won’t replace web 2.0, they will overlap, and our mission at Eidgensi is to combine the best of both worlds as the first web 2.5 media agency.”