Datrix acquires Adapex to help publishers monetise data in cookieless era

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Datrix Group has acquired US firm Adapex, enabling Adapex’s publishing partners to maximise data-driven revenue via artificial intelligence. 

Datrix, a global provider of AI solutions that help companies transform data into monetisable insights, said that joining forces with Adapex will enable the companies to help publishers and a wide variety of other sites better monetise audience data and chart a future for open web advertising just as audience information disappears from the market in the privacy-first, cookieless era.

Datrix acquires Adapex

Adapex, which provides digital advertising operations to publishers, helps more than 700 sites with 20 billion monthly impressions leverage ads to monetise their relationships with audiences. 

Datrix provides a world-class data analytics and monetisation solution to some of the world’s largest companies.

“Adding Adapex into our group is an important step in our expansion strategy,” said Datrix CEO Fabrizio Milano d’Aragona. 

“The acquisition gives us the opportunity to structurally enter a strategic market and significantly strengthens our offer in advertising data monetisation. 

“And, as we face a cookieless future, the adoption of technologies such as ours, based on first-party data and artificial intelligence, will revolutionise addressability.

“Finally, the deal is a clear recognition of Datrix’s cutting-edge technology globally, even in a country as advanced as the U.S.”

Datrix moves on Adapex ahead of cookieless era.

Benefit to publishers and advertisers

The acquisition will give publishers more powerful tools so they can make the most of the audiences available to them, increasing the efficacy of audience targeting and measurement. Advertisers will get more effective ads. 

As Adapex offers its publisher partners more sophisticated data monetisation capacities, Datrix will gain the opportunity to forge relationships with Adapex’s massive base of publisher partners and their audiences.

“With this acquisition, Adapex takes addressability to the next level by bringing AI-enhanced first-party data and targeting to our publisher partners,” said Adapex Founder and President Debra Fleenor. 

“As the ecosystem works towards identity solutions that protect both consumer privacy and publisher revenue, Adapex is excited to bring a privacy-conscious, large-scale, highly targeted advertising solution into play.”

The global data monetisation market reached $170 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to $371 billion by 2023. 

For this reason, more and more organisations are looking to generate new revenues from data collected through all the digital channels available to them. 

Not only publishers, but also retailers, service companies, banks, brands with attractive digital content, and app producers will benefit from Adapex and Datrix’s combined data monetisation and advertising solutions, London-based Datrix.

Datrix, through its subsidiary Datrix US, with this transaction, acquires 100% of the American company and Debra Fleenor, Founder & President of Adapex, joins the Executive Management Team of Datrix.