Data and marketing bodies publish Global Privacy Principles

global privacy principles

The Data &Marketing Association UK (DMA) and the Global Data and Marketing Alliance (GDMA) have published a new set of guidelines called the Global Privacy Principles. 

This set of seven key principles will serve as both an ethical framework and best practice guidance for the global data and marketing industry.

Global Privacy Principles

The GDMA’s Global Privacy Principles are a set of aspirational commitments for the global data and marketing industry to adopt, which will help organisations cultivate a better customer experience built on accountability, transparency, trust, and respect for privacy.

A key aim of the new principles is to establish best practice guidance that the global data and marketing industry can use to strengthen existing self-regulatory privacy codes worldwide. 

In addition, governments with less rigorous data privacy legislation can use them to develop data protection regulations in their respective countries.

“The UK DMA, and other industry associations that comprise the GDMA, came together to develop an ethical framework that can be used by businesses, large and small, to demonstrate their commitment to enhancing data privacy standards”, said Chris Combemale, CEO of the DMA UK. 

“The Global Privacy Principles will help organisations across the globe to place the customer at the heart of everything they do. 

“We want to inspire data and marketing professionals worldwide to continue building consumer trust in the data and marketing industry.”

Martin Nitsche, Chair of GDMA, and President of the German Data and Marketing Association DDV, added: “The GDMA Global Privacy Principles are an aspirational commitment for organisations, governments, and people to cultivate a trusted and successful commercial ecosystem through serving each individual with fairness, transparency and respect for privacy”. 

These principles are aimed at encouraging organisations to find the right balance between innovation and privacy, demonstrating that consumers’ personal information is valued, protected and respected. 

Organisations worldwide have a chance to build trust with consumers and create an environment where they appreciate that data sharing can be beneficial to all parties.

DMA research in the UK has shown that increased trust in the data and marketing industry encourages consumers to share their data and provide invaluable insights into their preferences, and even consumer behaviour in general. 

This in turn will help data and marketing teams to send valued and personalised content.