DailyPay payroll services firm rebranded by Wolff Olins

DailyPay Mobile

Wolff Olins has launched a new brand for DailyPay, creating an invitation – open to all – to “rewrite the invisible rules of money”.

DailyPay is a technology company that brings groundbreaking innovation to the way money moves. 

With a mission to create a new financial system that works for everyone, DailyPay removes restrictions on how people can access and spend their money, while providing full awareness of and control over their earnings at any time in any place.


In partnership with Dailypay, Wolff Olins’ repositioned the brand as the champion for trust and transparency in the world of money movement. 

Wolff Olins created a disruptive brand strategy, identity, and voice to better tell the distinctive proposition in an impactful way — building confidence among modern workers and their workplaces.

The DailyPay brand vision is bold and their investments in technology have created a product that’s way ahead of the competition – Wolff Olins just needed to share that with the world. 

While payment technologies and the way we work have perpetually evolved, pay has stood still. 

Twice-monthly or weekly periods are relics of a bygone era, ones that DailyPay challenges head-on by ‘rewriting the invisible rules of money’, making sure your ‘money is always in the right place at the right time’ by giving you access to your pay wages as you earn it. 

This gives people the financial flexibility to keep up with modern-day demands and expectations, because life doesn’t wait for payday.

The new identity symbolises how DailyPay is essentially ‘flipping the system’ with an icon depicting the emotional (sun on the horizon) and practical (coin depositing in a bank) benefits of the service.

With the urgency of implementing improved practices since the pandemic, this impact affirms the demand for more disruptive financial platform brands in the market.

“When we committed to building our brand, we knew we would need something strong enough to support where we are today but flexible enough to take us into tomorrow”, said Jeanniey Walden, Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer, DailyPay. 

“The strategic experts and powerful creative leads at Wolff Ollins gave us the confidence and support we were looking for. This work has and continues to make such a difference for us.”