Dacia ‘Anti-Black Friday’ campaign pokes fun at discounters

dacia anti-black friday campaign

Dacia the car manufacturer has created the perfect anti-Black Friday campaign offering 0% discounts to celebrate its 365 days a year value proposition.

The cross-channel campaign sees Dacia taking a stand against Black Friday, reflecting its no-nonsense attitude with humurous creative executions highlighting the company’s long standing commitment to unbeatable year-round value prices.

Rival auto brand Mini was targeted in social media posts with a witty wordplay and the Normal Friday hashtag.

Mini Dacia anti-Black Friday

Even social media personality and socialite Kylie Jenner was hilariously trolled by Dacia over her Black Friday ‘discount’ offers.

Kylie Jenner - Dacia anti-Black Friday

Dacia and #NormalFriday

The campaign incorporated a special #NormalFriday and a “discount code” for shoppers to claim a 0% discount on the Duster model, while also poking fun at competitors, tagging them on Twitter and highlighting their need for an occasion like Black Friday to offer better prices.

Live responses also engaged with brands and consumers tweeting about Black Friday.

Vivaldi creation

Devised, created and executed by Vivaldi UK, the cross channel campaign was primarily a social first campaign, across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, with assets taking over all Dacia’s owned digital spaces. All normal paid media advertising was also been replaced with the campaign.

Initial results show that the campaign led to a 30% increase in traffic to Dacia’s website and a 25% increase into its Virtual Showroom on Black Friday compared to the previous week.

Adam Wood, Marketing Director, Dacia UK said: “Dacia are uniquely placed to take a stand against Black Friday. Our no-nonsense attitude means we don’t have time to tolerate the chaotic scenes that this time of year so often results in.

“No delusional deals, no overexcited offers, no pressured panic buying. At Dacia, we tell it as it is. So this year, we’ve taken a stand against Black Friday and inviting those that are as unimpressed as us to join in and spread the word.”

Lauren Moody, Director at Vivaldi UK added: “Dacia doesn’t acknowledge Black Friday because it offers the best possible value to its customers every day.

“We were briefed to create a campaign that would bring this proposition to life and drive some buzz and talkability around these busy sale periods.

“We’ve taken a humourous approach with our #NormalFriday creative, celebrating Dacia’s own version of this nonsense day, teasing our competitors and mocking the madness.”