Cybersmile launches ‘Think Twice’ campaign to mark Safer Internet Day

Cybersmile Think Twice before you type campaign image (1)

The Cybersmile Foundation has today released its latest multichannel campaign to raise awareness of how online comments and conversations, even when using humour, can have unexpected real-life impact.

Cybersmile said it launched the global campaign with the support of Area 23 – an FCB Health Network Company based in New York. 

Cybersmile ‘Think Twice Before You Type’

The global ‘Think Twice Before You Type’ initiative is being launched to coincide with Safer Internet Day, which is today, 9 February. 

Its aim is to encourage people to be mindful of how their comments can be interpreted or misinterpreted online without visual or audible indicators as to how a person is really feeling.

To help drive-home the important campaign message, Cybersmile and Area 23 worked with multiple-Cannes Lions Gold–winning photographer Ale Burset to depict people’s dejected faces over-layed with happy emoji makeup. 

You're Killing Me image
No laughing matter: Provoking images show how we can mask our feelings

“It was a fun project,” said Burset. “To capture the difference between how people can portray their feelings and their real feelings.” 

Powerful images

The powerful images and videos deliver important messages and will be shared across Cybersmile’s official social media channels to their community of over 1.3 million internet users to help audiences better consider how they communicate online.

Leo Arcoverde, Associate Creative Director of Area 23 said: “It’s something we feel strongly about because we’ve all done it.

“Whether it’s something you mean as a joke or something that came across harsher than you intended. It’s easy to hurt someone without ever realising it. So, we wanted people to think twice.”

I'm Dying image
Emojis on real faces dramatically show why we all need to be mindful of our online behaviour.

Laura Lewandowski, Chief Policy Officer of The Cybersmile Foundation adds: “Our Think Twice Before You Type campaign is a powerful reminder of why we need to be mindful of the way we communicate online. 

“When you’re talking with someone online, whether it’s on social media or through texts, you’re missing important context on how those comments are received. 

“Facial cues and tone of voice are not captured in a typed response, so it’s easy to be unaware of how someone is really feeling in a conversation. 

“The reality is people we interact with online each day could be at breaking point without us having realised.”