Cybersmile and Instagram create CAKE to mark Anti-Bullying Week

Cybersmile x Instagram CAKE campaign - mediashotz

To mark Anti-Bullying Week 2021, The Cybersmile Foundation has teamed up with Instagram to launch a new campaign aimed at encouraging young people to #CreateAKinderEnvironment online.

Styled as the ultimate recipe to #CreateAKinderEnvironment (CAKE for short), The Cybersmile Foundation and Instagram have collaborated with Dr Barbara Mariposa, a mental health and wellbeing expert, to educate teens on all the necessary ingredients to cook up and serve kindness online. 

The ‘recipe’ offers advice from Cybersmile on how best to reach out and be an ally, as well as highlighting the safety tools available on Instagram to keep everyone protected while encouraging a positive online environment.

CAKE during Anti-Bullying Week

The recipe will be shared by inspiring UK creators including Dr Alex George, Megan Jayne Crabbe and Nikki Lilly, with the purpose of encouraging young people to follow the advice and #CreateAKinderEnvironment online. 

Social media users will also be encouraged to share the cake emoji as a symbol of their support for a kinder online environment. 

The overarching message will be that by standing together and taking small actions, we all have the power to build a kinder environment on social media; replacing the unwanted interactions that can get people down, with simple acts of kindness that could lift people up instead.

Tara Hopkins, Instagram’s Director of Public Policy at Meta, said: “We want Instagram to remain a place where young people can go to connect with friends, be part of a community, and explore their interests. 

Cybersmile x Instagram CAKE campaign 2 - mediashotz
Recipe for kindness: Cybersmile and Instagram partner to take on online bullying.

“We’re committed to helping young people take control of what they see and do online, and give parents and carers the tools to be part of these important conversations. 

“We are proud to partner with our friends at Cybersmile to mark Anti-Bullying Week and Create A Kinder Environment for everyone. 

“By standing together, we can help replace the unwanted interactions that can get people down, with simple acts of kindness that could lift people up instead.”

Scott Freeman, CEO at The Cybersmile Foundation, said: “Through the C.A.K.E. campaign, we want to inspire everyone to stand together and take action against online bullying. 

“Whether it’s sending a simple DM to let someone being targeted know they’re not alone, or directing them to Cybersmile if they need further support, by working together we can make all of our feeds a friendlier place.”

Dr Mariposa said: “It is impossible to understate the power of showing support and standing as one with someone you can see is being bullied. 

“By showing support, offered appropriately and with care, this can be the difference in helping the person stand firm and not get beaten down. 

“Even the smallest act of kindness can make a world of difference. So don’t stand by. Reach out and stand alongside.”

Cybersmile’s tips on what to do if you see someone being bullied online

  • If you think someone is being bullied, reach out to them. Let them know they’re not alone and it’s not their fault. Just knowing that someone cares enough to see if they’re OK could save a life
  • Use words like “I’m here for you” or “we’ll get through this together”. Let them know it’s not their fault in any way, it’s the bully who’s projecting through those behaviours
  • Point them to the Instagram Help Centre for safety tips and tools to give them control over their experience, or steer them to The Cybersmile Foundation for additional support