Currys launches new “No questions unanswered” creative with football focus

currys_no_questions_unanswered_ oct 2022

UK tech retailer Currys has launched a new chapter of its “No questions unanswered” brand platform introduced in August.

Currys answers

In this second iteration, Currys colleagues answer customers’ questions when choosing their new TV to watch the upcoming football on.

Featuring Samsung, LG and Sony TVs, the ads show colleagues travelling the globe again to help customers while demonstrating their expert knowledge and the lengths they will go to when there’s a tech question to answer.

Using the latest in virtual production technology; one of the ads sees a colleague travelling to Tokyo, another sends them off to a football stadium during a match, and a third one takes the colleague to the desert to ensure no TV question is left unanswered.

Created in partnership with AMV BBDO and Spark Foundry, the campaign will run across TV, audio, digital and social formats.

Corin Mills, Head of Brand, Comms & Planning at Currys, said: “This campaign brings to life not just the amazing Currys colleagues and their wealth of tech expertise, but most importantly, the perfect tech at the heart of enjoying football at home – large screen TVs. 

“We know that everyone likes different set-ups and atmospheres wherever they watch sport and AMV BBDO and Spark have built a campaign that grabs attention before the big tournament kicks off. 

“I’m super proud and excited to showcase our new ads and of course, the extra mile our colleagues go to answer any question”.

AMV BBDO Creative Directors Jeremy Tribe and David Westland said: “Our director, Claire Norowzian, has done a spectacular job of elevating the lengths Currys experts go to answer their customers’ questions, blending animation, LED screen vfx and a great imaginative eye”.

Spark Foundry Managing Partner, Rebecca Dorfman, said: “This campaign brilliantly integrates Currys’ presence into one of the most celebrated world sporting moments. 

“The execution amplifies Currys ads through pre-game buzz moments to drive home that Currys will go the extra mile, whether it be football or tech”.