Crystal Bauble Christmas card helps Wonderhood Studios predict future


Wonderhood Studios has created a rare, data-driven glimpse into the future this Christmas with the launch of its Crystal Bauble, predicting five trends for the coming year.

The agency’s 2023 Christmas card is a beautiful visualisation of trends for 2024 based on data from Wonderhood’s Data Insight Studio.

Crystal Bauble gazing

The artwork was created by its new design studio, Wonderhood Design, which officially launched in October.

Wonderhood’s Crystal Bauble is a 12-page long concertina which presents the five trends and predictions, all based on real-life data on broader societal trends, and brings them to life with beautifully created designs.

It also features a QR code which will take those who are interested to a longer-form PDF which unpacks the data sitting behind each prediction.

The concertina will be pushed out and shared across the UK until the new year. The decision to end each trend with a prediction also allows Wonderhood to follow up later in the year to see whether or not the agency nailed its prophecies.

So, what does the magic Crystal Bauble predict for 2024?

  • Finally, it will be a year for radical optimism and jubilation as we finally let the Roaring ’20s rip.
  • According to the data, the UK population is also suffering from a serious case of ‘salt tooth’ which will open up for salty Greek white wine to become people’s drink of choice by the summer.
  • In addition, pea milk is predicted to have a monster year .
  • The trend of going on a ‘silent walk’ will continue to gather pace.
  • Following recent comments by Elon Musk, it is perhaps no surprise that the Crystal Bauble has also predicted a mass exodus from X to LinkedIn.

Jack Colchester, Director of Data Strategy at Wonderhood Studios, said: “It’s an accepted truth in Britain that everything has got worse since the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony. But, all that is forecasted to change next year.

“Euros, the Olympics, an election, a mission to the moon, declining inflation and so on will all help fuel an orgy of optimism. So sit back and enjoy with a glass of salty Greek white wine.”