Crumbs: Hoeksche Chips claims world-first in new packaging design


In collaboration with Wunderman Thompson, premium chips brand Hoeksche Chips has introduced a brilliant new packaging innovation to help chip lovers everywhere get every last morsel.

Hoeksche Chips

Today, an invention the world didn’t know it needed has been unveiled by premium chips brand Hokesche Chips.

The brand, from the South Holland town of ‘s-Gravendeel, in partnership with Wunderman Thompson, has solved a problem which has haunted chip-eaters worldwide for decades.

Humanity has been plagued by the problem of crumbs at the bottom of chip packets – impossible to get out without losing your human dignity or, worse, making a mess on your clothes or the couch.

But now there is a solution: ‘t Hoeksche Hoekje’. With a simple twist, the bottom left of their new Salt & Balsamic Vinegar chip packet can be removed, and the last, tastiest morsels can be directed straight to the hand or mouth.

The unique Flavour Saver technology ensures that the delicious taste of Hoeksche Chips is not lost, and chip lovers everywhere can enjoy every last crumb.

Considered among the best chips in the Netherlands, it’s no wonder that consumers don’t want to savor every last mouthful when it comes to Hoeksche Chips. Entrepreneurs Henk Scheele, Rene de Zeeuw and their team grow, harvest, cut, and fry the chips on their farm ‘De Hoeksche Hoeve’.

Sustainably grown potatoes are fried in their skins in the purest sunflower oil and seasoned with a little sea salt or natural herbs. Less fat, less salt, and much tastier than regular chips.

“Our focus is entirely on making the most delicious chips there are”, said Henk Scheele and Rene de Zeeuw, owners Hoeksche Chips and Boerderijchips.

“Everything has to give way to quality and authenticity.

“That’s probably why Hoeksche Chips have been the ‘chips of choice’ for KLM’s Business class for years.

“But we never thought about how a packaging adjustment could help preserve that quality. For decades, chip bags haven’t changed significantly. Today marks the end of that.”

Together with global advertising agency Wunderman Thompson and their offices in Atlanta and Amsterdam, ‘t Hoeksche Hoekje’ was devised so that nothing, not a single crumb, of those delicious chips would go to waste.

“It’s a privilege to work with such driven entrepreneurs who put so much love and passion into their product”, said Bas Korsten, Global Chief Creative Officer Wunderman Thompson.

“It’s only logical that we’ve put all our brainpower into making sure none of the unique and authentic taste of Hoeksche Chips gets lost at the end of the packet.

“This is a great day for chip eaters everywhere in the world.”