Croatian agency group signs Permutive to drive personal ads


UK data management platform Permutive been appointed by 24sata and Njuskalo to increase its targetable inventory and drive personalised advertising.

24sata and Njuskalo is part of the Styria Media Group, and claims to be the largest media company in Croatia.

With Permutive’s DMP, the Croatian firm will have full control over its first-party data. This includes 100% visibility of its audience allowing analysis, segmentation and effective content and advertising targeting.

Styria and Permutive

The firm chose Permutive as it is the only DMP that is not dependent on third-party cookies.

Google recently announced it is to block third-party cookies in two years and both Firefox and Safari already doing so. Styria needed to remain able to offer advertisers the ability to target its audience using its first-party data.

Permutive will let Styria Croatia gain deeper insight into its audience and increase data-driven revenue across its portfolio, such as 24stata, missZdrava and throughout the Croatian market.

“We are living in a privacy-first world and with the demise of the third-party cookie, we needed a partner to help us continue to deliver the in-depth insights on our audience that advertisers are hungry for”, Zoran Turkovic, COO & Board Member at 24stata, said.

Joe Root, CEO & co-founder at Permutive, said: “It’s exciting to be working with one of the largest media companies in Europe at a time when publishers are needing more control over some of the most valuable first-party data in the ecosystem.

“With the recent Google announcement, it’s crucial, publishers put strategies in place to deliver data-driven ads across their inventory.”

Permutive’s dedicated focus on publishers is crucial for companies like Styria Croatia.

Most solutions are built for marketers, so are unable to meet unique challenges publishers face particularly from the Facebook/Google duopoly.