Creative agency OK COOL launches dedicated TikTok Studio

OK COOL tiktok studio

OK COOL, the full-service creative studio specialising in social, has launched OK COOL TikTok Studio, a full-service creative suite.

The agency said the new unit includes an innovative 360 TikTok offering that’s backed up by OK COOL’s unmatched knowledge and experience with GenZ culture. 

The studio’s first campaign saw OK COOL partner Nike and JD Sports for #JDAirMaxYourWay a campaign that has already achieved over 3.9 billion views on the social media platform, it said.

OK COOL TikTok Studio

Prior to launching OK COOL TikTok Studio, the agency had been working with TikTok for the past 12 months; telling the story of the platform and encouraging the world’s biggest lifestyle brands to explore the potential of how TikTok can drive growth through creative, culturally relevant content to supplement their traditional advertising.

“Having been immersed in the TikTok platform, globally, for the last 12 months, helping bring it’s unique offering to clients and their brands, it made sense for us to take this experience and expertise in the shape of OK COOL TikTok Studio to help brands achieve success on the platform”, said Jolyon Varley, Co-Founder, OK COOL. 

“TikTok has its own unique personality. It’s such an exciting and innovative platform and needs to be approached in a completely different way from any other social channel.

“It’s about ripping up traditional brand guidelines, and brands beginning to express themselves in their own way, using creators as a mouthpiece. 

“TikTok encourages brands to go back to the root of creativity. It makes you, as a brand pause and ask, “what do I stand for? How can I be more relevant?” 

New hires

The OK COOL TikTok Studio launches with a wave of notable new hires – each a passionate creator in their own right. 

The team of creative marketing and brand experts will be led by Sascha Morgan-Evans as Head of TikTok Studio.

Morgan-Evans joins from Fanbytes where she was Talent Development Director for Bytesized Talent, overseeing commercial and talent strategy. 

She also worked closely with brands on innovative influencer and creative strategies.

“OK COOL makes and shapes culture, and this starts with our team. We are thrilled to hire Sascha as our Head of TikTok Studio at OK COOL”, said Liz Stone, Co-Founder of OK COOL. 

“Her extensive background and creative marketing expertise are perfectly aligned with our vision for the TikTok Studio to deliver on our promise to help our clients become culturally relevant that better reach their customers and thrive in the future”. 

“Her commitment to evolving our work with TikTok will be vital to providing our clients with greater creative relevance and freedom.”

Through insight strategy, creative content production and paid marketing, OK COOL said it has been breaking the boundaries of content creation since 2015, and has developed a reputation for humanising brands, taking them out of category and connecting them to culture. 

The agency’s creative team work with global brands such as Bumble, Nike, Rosewood Hotels and Taco Bell, helping them think, act and behave like users of the platforms.