Create Health highlights importance of positive news during lockdown 

create health

Strategic and creative healthcare agency, Create Health, is choosing to celebrate and spread positivity through its #CreatePositivity campaign.

The hashtag #CreatePositivity was launched when the nation went into lockdown.

It’s being used to promote positive news stories and messages across a variety of social media platforms; providing a safe heaven and silver lining for those struggling with negative mindsets and anxiety during the current health crisis.

Create Health on ‘good news’

The agency is encouraging others to join it in sharing the good news that threatens to be overshadowed by the current fear and uncertainty we’re facing.

It hopes to remind people of the good happenings in the world; so that they might feel more positive and healthier.

“Create Health is built around the belief that mindset matters hugely to our health and quality of life”, Create Health Researcher, Megan Isom, said.

“And at no time is mindset more important than during such testing times.

“So we’d like to offset some of the fear by bringing some much-needed light and positivity to your social media feeds.”

The firm’s Creative Director, Phil Blackmore, said: “Our #CreatePositivity campaign has been hugely helpful in keeping our own staff upbeat; and given us all something fun to collaborate on.

“There’s so much good stuff happening out there, we just need to see it”.

Create Health is a Bristol-based agency, which has just completed a management buyout.