Content syndication key to lead generation in 2024 – report


Lead generation from qualified leads has been named as mission critical or an urgent priority for 2024 by 80% of B2B marketers, yet 53% are not able to meet their pipeline goals.

Thsat’s according to a new report, called ‘The 2024 State of B2B Pipeline Growth‘, just published by Pipeline360.

Additionally, 46% feel the quality of their leads is low to neutral and 42% feel their lead quality is insufficient.

As B2B marketers strive to fill their pipelines, they increasingly face budget and resource constraints, rising scrutiny around data privacy, alongside ever higher performance expectations.

Lead generation a priority

The urgency and necessity of lead generation requires marketers to orchestrate and execute often complex multi-channel, account-based strategies to meet these challenging goals.

The 2024 State of B2B Pipeline Growth also revealed:

  • The number one challenge in marketing is budget constraints (50%) followed by economic slowdown (40%) and impossible targets (32%).
  • B2B brands are adapting to these conditions by either consolidating teams and/or job responsibilities (78%), cutting travel budgets (35%), or relying on agencies (31%).
  • Investment in content creation is being made by 49% of B2B marketers, however only 23% are then using content syndication for lead generation.
  • By contrast, areas of low investment include Sales Enablement (12%) followed by Account Based Marketing at only 9%.

Content creation and syndication is revealed as a key opportunity for B2B marketers in 2024, with 61% of brands who use content syndication able to reach their goals, compared to 45% for those who do not.

Of the brands who use content syndication, 43% use it to reach different or a new set of prospects, and 23% use it to replace less effective lead generation channels. Over 90% of brands who invest in content syndication plan to either maintain or increase their investment in 2024.

The Pipeline Growth research launches today alongside the news that Integrate, a leading B2B marketing demand management platform has launched Pipeline360 into the UK market.

Pipeline360 incorporates what was previously known as the Integrate Lead Generation Marketplace with multi-channel, full funnel, global campaign management, including real-time analytics, lead validation and standardisation, and enhanced segmentation.

“The gap in marketers’ ability to meet pipeline goals underscores the complex intersection of challenges B2B marketers face today – budget constraints alongside rising targets, a convergence of brand and demand, all while facing heightened scrutiny on data privacy,” said┬áJeremy Bloom, co-founder and CEO of Integrate.

“We developed Pipeline360 to provide our customers with a flexible solution that makes it easy to bring their brand and performance efforts together, to generate a robust pipeline enriched with high quality leads, in a reliable, predictable, and scalable way.”

‘The 2024 State of B2B Pipeline Growth’ was conducted with global research and advisory firm, Demand Metric and surveyed 400+ B2B marketers across North America and the UK.

The questions were fielded in Q4 of 2023 to unveil key challenges, investments, and priorities for demand marketers.