Consumer analytics firm ViewersLogic wins funding from NielsenIQ

ViewersLogic consumer media data

ViewersLogic, the single-source data expert has announced an investment from NielsenIQ as the business accelerates into a period of rapid growth.

The companies did not say how much the investment was worth.


Despite today’s multimedia world, research companies still measure media in silos before fusing the data points together, aiming to understand consumer behaviour, the firm claimed. 

The result is high cost, poor quality, probabilistic data that fails to give businesses the information they need to make informed decisions.

ViewersLogic data provides a superior alternative to this via its consumer panel whose activity is passively monitored across TV, online and the real world. 

This provides a holistic view enabling businesses to better understand consumer behaviour and how media drives action.

As a result of ViewersLogic data, businesses can optimise their TV campaigns by understanding how each element of their marketing activity – creative/channel/daypart – impacts online ad clicks, site visits and purchases.

The NielsenIQ funding will be used to extend ViewersLogic current services to CPG companies and enable them to better understand how TV advertising affects purchases in store.

Ronny Golan, CEO and Co-Founder at ViewersLogic said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with NielsenIQ at an incredibly exciting time for both businesses.  

“It is great to see that one of the leading data companies of the world bought into our single-source vision and sees it as the future of consumer data analytics. 

“This cooperation will enable us to extend our services to CPG companies and start our international expansion.”

Oren Poleg, CTO and Co-Founder at ViewersLogic added: “From a data standpoint, it is exciting to now be able to fuel our platform with NielsenIQ data. 

“The ability to tie media and shopping data together for the same user on a single-source basis is an important step on our ambitious exploration to understand the journey to purchase and help businesses perform better.”