Community connections: Tesco Mobile launches new brand platform


Tesco Mobile has today launched a new brand platform, wryly spotlighting the advantages of being connected to the Tesco Mobile community.

‘It Pays to be Connected’ has launched nationwide across channels including TV, social, print and OOH.

Tesco Mobile

The first iteration of the campaign, created with BBH London, is a uniquely British take on the telco’s helpfulness, It showcases the ways in which we ‘love’ to stay connected to our local communities, through various group chats – all enabled by Tesco Mobile.

In ‘Pavement Pounders’, the first TV advert to launch, Kam describes what it’s like to be on his work’s running group, which he regrettably joined at a leaving party.

Thanks to Tesco Mobile offering no EU roaming fees this year, he receives every update imaginable from his bosses training in Portugal.

With her constant messages, it’s clear to Kam that being with the mobile operator allows you to stay connected on holiday (albeit sometimes a little too connected), prompting him to switch.

The spot, directed by Fred Rowson and produced by Blink, is the first of three films that take viewers to the heart of different, and all too relatable, group chats.

Rachel Swift, Chief Customer Officer at Tesco Mobile said: “As a business, we care deeply about human connection. That’s why our new brand platform highlights the many ways it pays to be connected to the Tesco Mobile community.

“Customers can roam freely in the EU this year, take advantage of our frozen contracts with Clubcard prices and stay connected through our 99% network coverage.”

“Tesco Mobile plays a vital role in helping people stay connected to their communities wherever they are, whatever they’re up to, which is why the campaign is rooted in day-to-day connection with friends, colleagues and family, with a little help from our friendly Tesco Mobile colleagues.”

Selma Ahmed and Genevieve Gransden, Creative Directors, BBH London, added: “We all have a group chat (or 20) that we love to hate and hate to love! So making something that feels reflective of how we really use our phones has been a joy.

“This campaign is just the start of a new era for Tesco Mobile and who knows, maybe the ads will end up on a group chat near you.”