Commercial radio audience reaches record levels – Radiocentre

commercial radio record high - radiocentre - mediashotz - Image by Andrzej Rembowski from Pixabay

Commercial radio is reaching 36.8 million people across the UK, the biggest audience it has ever recorded, according to official audience data provided by RAJAR the body responsible for measuring radio audiences.

Commercial radio growth

The new data for Q3 2021 is the first time official figures have been published since May 2020 due to disruption with data collection due to Covid-19.

While the latest figures have been calculated using a modified survey methodology, they also show that the total combined audience for all UK radio (BBC and commercial) is now the highest level recorded at 49.5m people. 

That represents 89% of the UK adult population.

The survey also found that time spent listening at home has more than made up for shifts in listening at work and in car, with average listening hours remaining high at 20.4 hours per week.

Digital and online now represents an even more significant proportion of overall radio listening.

Total digital listening is now 65.8% for all radio. This is mainly accounted for by DAB at 43%, but online (including smart speakers) now represents 18.1% of all listening time. 

The remaining 4.7% of digital listening takes place on digital TVs. Analogue platforms of FM/ AM still account for 34.2% of listening time.

Ian Moss, Chief Executive of Radiocentre, said: “The official data demonstrates that the popularity and power of commercial radio is stronger than it has ever been. 

“As listening habits shift and evolve commercial radio is offering more of what people want. 

“The mix of entertainment, information, trust, comfort and fun means that in a world of infinite listening choices people keep choosing radio.”