Comment: Zefr’s Emma Lacey on UK Government’s AI whitepaper

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The UK government on Wednesday published a whitepaper setting out its “adaptable” approach to regulating artificial intelligence (AI), as it tries to shore up public confidence in the rapidly evolving technology.

AI has been in the headlines following the phenomenal growth of new test products such as CHATGPT an AI chatbot developed by tech firm OpenAI.

Earlier this week, though, many of the world’s leading technology entrepreneurs, including Twitter owner, Elon Musk, published an open letter calling for the world’s developers to pause in their rush to develop AI systems out of concern for the impact on humanity.

The whitepaper noted that tools for trustworthy AI including assurance techniques and technical standards will play a critical role in enabling the responsible adoption of AI and supporting the proposed regulatory framework.

Zefr, is a global leader in brand suitability for video content across digital walled gardens.

Emma lacey zefrCommenting on the government’s white paper, Zefr SVP EMEA, Emma Lacey, said: “The Government’s bid to drive ‘responsible’ AI innovation, and ensure the public continues to perceive AI technology as trustworthy, is something marketers should get onboard with.

“There needs to be more attention drawn to the ongoing rise of misinformation and other AI-related safety issues, including threats to privacy and the proliferation of harmful content.

“But it’s also important for marketers to recognise that there are more responsible ways of implementing AI; such as by utilising discriminative AI technology, where the addition of human insights provides safeguards for brands when advertising alongside online content.”