Comment: IAB on UK Government’s proposed gambling reforms

online-gambling-Image by besteonlinecasinos from Pixabay

On Thursday the UK Government introduced a raft of new gambling reforms for the digital age in order to tackle the rise of online addiction.

Among the measures tabled by Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer were the introduction of a new levy and new stake limits for online slot games.

In her speech to Parliament, Frazer said: “Temptation to gamble is now everywhere in society.

“And while the overwhelming majority is done safely and within people’s means, for some, the ever-present temptation can lead them to a very dangerous path.

“Because when gambling becomes addiction, it can wreck lives. Shattered families. Lost jobs. Foreclosed homes. Jail time. Suicide.”

Christie Dennehy-Neil, Head of Policy & Regulatory Affairs at internet advertising industry body, IAB UK, said of the measures: “Today’s Gambling White Paper provides welcome clarity on the Government’s plans regarding gambling regulation.

Christie-Dennehy-Neil-iab“At IAB UK, we are specifically interested in the impact of any proposed changes on digital advertising.

“We were pleased to see that the White Paper re-iterates the Government’s commitment to review regulation of all online advertising, including gambling ads, through the Online Advertising Programme (OAP).

“The remit of the OAP is to comprehensively and holistically review the regulation of digital advertising in the UK in its entirety to ascertain where current practice is working, where greater intervention is justified and – in those instances – what form it should take.

“It makes sense for the evidence regarding online gambling ads to be considered as part of this wider programme.