Comment: Google’s announcement on bringing its Sandbox to Android

Google's sandbox plan for android - Sub Image by Pexels from Pixabay

On Wednesday this week Google announce a multi year initiative to introduce its Privacy Sandbox on Android devices, with the goal of introducing new, more private advertising solutions.

It also said these solutions will limit sharing of user data with third parties and operate without cross-app identifiers, including advertising ID. 

Sandbox and data collection

Google also said it was exploring technologies that would reduce the potential for covert data collection, including safer ways for apps to integrate with advertising SDKs.

It could have huge implications for advertisers and comes amid sweeping changes facing the marketing sector with privacy and data now top of the agenda.

Jullien Hirth is Co-founder and GM of Paris-based Scibids Technology, which develops Artificial Intelligence led marketing solutions for advertisers in paid media.

He gave us his take on Google’s announcement…

julien hirth co-founder and gm scibids
Julien Hirth Co-Founder and GM, Scibids.

“With mobile playing such an important role in the digital marketing landscape, Google’s announcement that its Privacy Sandbox is now being applied to Android is an important update for advertisers.

“With its Privacy Sandbox, Google is seeking to satiate the demands of privacy-conscious consumers and simultaneously balance the requirements of regulators with the financial needs of advertisers.

“(That’s) a massive engineering challenge given the numerous use cases attached to cookies and shared user IDs across the industry, but also a significant step toward a privacy-friendly future for the industry!

“(There are) still a lot of open questions to be solved but we can appreciate Chrome’s willingness to collaborate with the industry in order to find the best trade-off between user privacy and marketing performance.”