Comment: Cannes Lions 2023 with Steven Filler, ShowHeroes Group

Adland heads to the South of France next week for the 70th annual Cannes Lions festival.

Somewhere in the throng on the anniversary year will be Steven Filler, UK Country Manager at ShowHeroes Group.

Before he heads off to the airport, we asked him for his take on the event and what he sees will be the most important topics and trends to dominate the festival…

Steven Filler, ShowHeroes Group


“Sustainability in digital advertising will continue to be debated at Cannes Lions this year.

“We’ve seen a flurry of innovation in the market over the last year, with a raft of new solutions and tools to enable advertisers to minimize the carbon impact of their online campaigns.

“Our industry needs to turn positive talk into specific action. At ShowHeroes we’ve now moved from an opt-in to opt out approach when it comes to including our Green Media Carbon offsetting solution on campaigns.

“It’s the responsibility of all parties in the chain to educate and support each other to ensure that every campaign we deliver is as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.”

Future of Cannes Lions

“The growing importance of sustainability will naturally lead to more discussion about the long-term future and relevance of Cannes itself.

“I’m sure the festival will continue to evolve and adapt to balance effectiveness with sustainability, but it will be interesting to see the impact on the number of attendees at the festival this year as we all increase the scrutiny to ensure we find the right approach.


“The CTV ecosystem has been growing exponentially over the past couple of years and has established itself as a key element of the media and marketing ecosystem.

However, as it’s matured, the CTV space has also become increasingly cluttered for both advertisers and vendors, and so we should expect the Cannes discussion to shift from simply validating the channel to focussing the next wave of innovation to help brands stand out.

Embracing and adopting innovative content and creative strategies combined with enhanced measurement will be key to ensure that we maximise the potential of advertising in CTV.

Attention economy

“Attention measurement is another topic that’s building momentum. The technologies involved are rapidly maturing and being increasingly adopted by our industry.

“Advertisers now need to fully embrace these tools and start to explore how they can make Attention a lead metric for their campaigns, using it to continually optimize placement, creative and content strategies.


“I would hope to see more discussion that puts creativity back into the spotlight at Cannes this year.

In recent years we’ve seen technology vendors taking up a growing share of voice at the festival but there’s a great opportunity to redress the balance and pull conversations back towards creativity and innovation, particularly in the video space, which continues to be one of the fastest growing channels in our industry.”