Comedian Pete Davidson becomes fashion icon in new H&M campaign

H&M pete davidson campaign

H&M has launched a global brand campaign featuring SNL comedian Pete Davidson as its lead.

The new creative, called “Wear that feeling”, is for H&M’s menswear line to help men around the world embrace their own style and be confident in every moment. 

Pete Davidson – Man at H&M

“Wear that feeling” perfectly captures the fresh energy in global men’s fashion which is all about freedom of expression and self-confidence in every single moment. 

The campaign films see Davidson placed in those everyday situations which ultimately offer a comedic scenario for the star and puts his H&M outfit in the centre of attention. 

Davidson’s own bold personal style completely embodies what H&M Man stands for, being confident and unafraid to be your authentic self, no matter what life throws at you, or the situation you are in.

The new campaign, made in collaboration with creative agency B-Reel, is rooted in two simple insights. 

First, men relate to how clothes make them feel: when you throw on that perfect new jacket or crisp t-shirt, something changes, you feel confident and in control. You feel good. 

Secondly, the majority of men do not relate to “fashion” and as opposed to seeking inspiration through fashion films or runway shows, they gain inspiration by watching the things they love; movies, music videos and comedy. 

That’s where Davidson comes in, connecting with H&M Man’s existing target audience while also piquing interest from new consumers, through pure fun entertainment and humour, the fashion retailer said.

The campaign is not tied to a seasonal collection, instead seeks to increase H&M’s market share of the male market, ensuring that more men see it as their first fashion destination overall.

On the launch of the campaign, Oskar Spångberg, Global Head of Marketing & Communication H&M Man said: “We are thrilled to be teaming up with Pete Davidson for this H&M Man campaign. 

“Pete’s wit and bold personal style embodies what H&M Man stands for – that everyone should be able to feel confident in their personal style”

Afshin Moeini & Christian Poppius, Creative Directors at B-Reel, Stockholm added: “Clothes don’t just make the man, they make the man feel. 

“Throwing on your favourite jacket or sneakers is the quickest way to give yourself a confidence boost. 

“That’s what ‘Wear that feeling’ is all about.”

The campaign films is airing globally on TV, online video, social media and instore from 28 April 2022.