Cointreau takes over Soho townhouse for experiential campaign

Cointreau transformed a Soho townhouse into an immersive, multisensory experience called Maison Cointreau as part of a complete communications campaign for the heritage French liqueur.

The three day installation, from 10 – 12 November, at 19 Greek Street was created by ACA Live, the creative brand experience and production agency, and allowed guests to discover the world and heritage of Cointreau through sight, taste, touch, smell and sound.

Cointreau in Soho

Set over four floors, Maison Cointreau was designed to show how “Cointreau Changes Everything”. 

A cascade of sustainably produced and 100% recyclable orange orbs – a nod to the oranges used to make the tipple – poured out of a third-floor window and down the front of the orange-wrapped facade, enveloping the entrance doors at ground level.

Inside, a vintage design evoking the feeling of an exclusive jazz café straight from the streets of Montmartre, each floor offered a different experience designed to engage each of the senses.

Upon arrival, guests were met in the entrance by living orange trees laden with fruit and given a complementary edible cocktail before being invited to make their way up the stairs to discover Maison Cointreau.

Cointreau corner: Sensory Soho experience at ‘Maison Cointreau’

On the first floor, guests were guided to “change their perception” by strolling through an interactive light-filled tunnel in the iconic Cointreau bottle shape accompanied by the evocative sounds of a French bistro,

The second floor of the Maison showcased the heritage of the marque, with images of the brand’s old bottles, posters and advertorial campaigns dating back to its creation in 1849. 

Adam Goodman, founder of ACA Live, said: “Maison Cointreau showcases perfectly the power of live activations – no other advertising medium can deliver such an immersive experience on this scale. 

“For three days 19 Greek Street lived and breathed the Cointreau brand in a completely unique way, delivering everything from its incredible flavour to its history and heritage.

“I could not be more proud of the team at ACA for bringing the client’s vision to life so powerfully.”

Guests also got a first look at the new brand film, shot in Paris.

In it, Cointreau’s transformative power is personified by a mysterious, orange-clad dandy; with the press of his watch, time stands still and he transforms the evening into an extraordinary moment.

The third floor became a golden-toned apothecary-like area echoing Cointreau’s distillery in Angers, North-Western France. 

Message in a bottle: Soho immersive by ACA took the French liqueur to new heights.

Here, guests were able to experience the art of making Cointreau, and learn about the various flavour and scent profiles of the liqueur.

Finally, guests emerged on the top floor of Maison Cointreau where they were invited to relax in an elaborate bar featuring a wall covered with a new brand bottle, and adorned with luxurious Parisian-inspired design aspects.