Clickio launches Core Web Vitals Monitoring for publishers

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Clickio, the all-in-one technology solution for online publishers, has announced the launch of Core Web Vitals Monitoring. 

Designed to help publishers remain compliant with all three vitals, the platform tracks their scores in real time – with page-level accuracy and instant alerts whenever a site becomes non-compliant.

Core Web Vitals and Clickio

Critical to all web interactions, Core Web Vitals (CWVs) measure the real-world experience of users and are now a key factor in Google’s search rankings. 

Already implemented by some of Clickio’s existing publisher partners, the Core Web Vitals Monitoring platform is now widely available via a monthly fee to any website owner, or free for Clickio’s monetisation customers. 

Key functionalities include:

  • Real-user data – This allows publishers to generate insights beyond lab data to track how users actually experience their site. Real-user monitoring provides fast and reliable Web Vitals data, without having to wait weeks for Google Search Console updates.
  • High level of detail – Publishers can see exactly what needs fixing as the platform can identify problem areas, drilling down by page, device, browser, custom dimensions, and more.
  • Automated alerts – Email alerts are triggered whenever a site becomes non-compliant or vitals drop below a certain level, so publishers can take action quickly.
  • Easy set up – Based on the “web-vitals library” developed by Google, Clickio Web Vitals Monitoring is easy to implement with a single tag.

“Core Web Vitals Monitoring empowers independent publishers to take charge of their CWVs compliance,” said Alexander Azarov, CEO and Founder of Clickio.

“With Google’s recent announcement that page experience ranking will also be coming to desktop, CWVs are set to become even more important than they already are. 

“Publishers are likely to see an effect on their search rankings once the change is implemented, meaning the ability to monitor CWVs in real time with real-user data, and drill down into different variables, such as device type and browser, will be absolutely critical. 

“We expect the metrics that make up CWVs to evolve over time, so constant tracking will be crucial for publishers to maintain page – and user – experience.”

Matt Booth, Founder of, said: ”Clickio’s real-user monitoring makes it easy to keep on top of your Core Web Vitals and take action where needed”.

“A few weeks ago, it showed that our CLS score had dropped to under 50%, so we made a few quick CSS changes to the site and it was soon much higher. 

“Now all three vitals are above 90% with all the benefits that brings.”