Click Consult names Julie Sowa as its new Managing Director

Julie Sowa MD - Click Consult Release

Cheshire-based paid and SEO agency Click Consult said it has joined a growing list of women-led agencies with the appointment of Julie Sowa as its new managing Director. 

Having been with the agency for 11 years, new Sowa knows Click Consult inside and out – but that doesn’t mean she wants her tenure as MD to be a simple continuation of the status quo, said the agency. 

In fact, while the agency has continued to grow year-on-year as she oversaw the commercial arm of the business, Sowa believes that she is stepping up at exactly the right time for Click to take a big leap forward – an opinion she is backing with action, which commenced with a hiring spree of top talent whilst in her first few months at the helm.

Julie Sowa

For more than a decade, Sowa has built solid relationships with some of Europe’s largest and best- known brands, and that has allowed her to develop a thorough appreciation of how the search and digital marketing sector has changed – in perception, importance and what brands want from their agencies. 

With this in mind, strengthening the organisation, with a focus on adding to the stellar group of experts she inherited from former CEO Matthew Bullas, she feels is key to the agency’s continued success.

Speaking on how she sees Click Consult’s future, the new MD said: “We continue to operate in a very competitive space and over the next 12 months, R&D will remain at the forefront. It is crucial that we can continue to deliver the most creative and dynamic strategies which realise the results that our clients need and expect.

“A key focus for this is on the talent at the agency. I know that by investing in the people we have, and new talent across the business, we can continue to stand out and grow both our clients and as an agency.

“I have been with Click Consult for almost 12 years, and have worked in various roles within the business, each with their own challenges and responsibilities. 

“It’s this experience and the incredible team around me that will ensure we make the right decisions to drive us forward.

“Onboarding the right new business in a sustainable way will be the benchmark for success. 

“Commercial growth is a must, however, and I believe that we are very well positioned to achieve that during my first 12 month as MD.”

On the subject of the increase in the number of women leading agencies in the search and digital marketing space, Sowa said: “Whilst it’s certainly positive to see women step into leading roles more frequently in our sector, it’s a trend that is far from its peak. 

“I think it’s unquestionable that there is a lot of talent that has been poorly nurtured or overlooked elsewhere in the digital space and in business more broadly. 

“That’s changing, but it also needs to be pushed.”

“Click has always been somewhat egalitarian, but creating the leaders of the future, regardless of sex or gender, in digital and beyond is something that I’m keen to oversee in my tenure as Managing Director – and it’s my hope that you’ll see the awesome people already at the agency, and those yet to join, blossom over the coming years.”