Clever Baggers and Jessica Russell Flint sign up with Bidnamic

clever baggers, jessica russell flint

Google shopping specialist Bidnamic has today been awarded the Google Shopping accounts of on demand apparel printer Clever Baggers, and British designer Jessica Russell Flint. 

Both accounts were won by Bidnamic through non-competitive pitches.

Clever Baggers

Clever Baggers previously used Google’s free bidding automation tool, Google Smart Shopping, to manage its campaigns. 

Whilst Smart Shopping can help retailers manage campaigns on Google Shopping, it’s limited in driving long term growth as brands can’t access customer data and decide where marketing budgets are spent. 

Bidnamic, on the other hand, uses its unique combination of AI machine learning and client servicing to drive long term results.

Jessica Russell Flint

Prior to signing with Bidnamic, Jessica Russell Flint did not use Google Shopping and instead focussed on selling their products via wholesalers, which had a detrimental effect on its profit margins.

With Clever Baggers and Jessica Russell Flint having 1,500 and 800 SKUs on Google Shopping respectively, Bidnamic’s services will help manage bids and improve their positioning on the platform’s carousel.

Bidnamic will work to help both brands create growth by providing performance data and search terms to help drive sales generated on the platform.

Bidnamic will be managing Clever Baggers’ Google Shopping campaigns in the UK and Jessica Russell Flint’s internationally.

Liam Patterson, CEO and Founder at Bidnamic said: “We’re excited to be working with Clever Baggers and Jessica Russell Flint to increase and begin their sales on Google Shopping. 

“With the holiday shopping season right around the corner, this is a great opportunity for our newest clients to ensure that their Google Shopping campaigns are reaching as many people as possible. 

“Bidnamic’s AI model can help Clever Baggers and Jessica Russell Flint stay competitive during such a busy shopping period.”

Darren Davies, Managing Director, at Clever Baggers said: “Bidnamic presented a comprehensive and informed plan of action to help us increase our presence on Google Shopping and boost sales and revenue. 

“Their track record and AI model were the clear choice to help us continue this trajectory we are on.”

Jessica Russell Flint, Founder and Creative Director said: “Over the course of the pandemic we have seen a lot of growth, but our margins weren’t great. Bidnamic’s AI model will allow us to drive more sales through our website. 

“Using Google Shopping for the first time, we wanted to make sure we got it right, and that’s what Bidnamic does.”