ClearScore brings back Charlie and Moose for new TV ad mini-series


ClearScore, the credit app and online financial marketplace, is bringing back Charlie and his canine companion, Moose, in a new TV ad mini-series.

The campaign, which was created by UK marketing agency And Rising, will run for up to 24 months across the UK, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

ClearScore helps people improve their financial wellbeing by putting them in control of their financial data and credit score. In the current cost-of-living crisis, ClearScore’s services are more critical than ever.

The new campaign aims to show how ClearScore can help people feel better about their finances.

ClearScore and Charlie and Moose

The TV ad mini-series called “Wat Doing” promotes the platform’s role as a ‘best friend for your finances’.

Twelve episodes follow the lives of Charlie and Moose, the much-loved stars of its past TV campaigns who, thanks to public demand, now return to screens around the world.

The series opens with a trailer introducing Charlie as an everyday guy about to have his world turned upside down. Over the course of the series, Charlie loses his job just as he gets the news that a baby is on the way.

As he gets back out to find new work, Moose is always by his side—a dependable companion who boosts Charlie’s confidence that everything will work out.

The mini-series is created by And Rising with the writing-directing duo The Arnells for Merman Branded.

ITV will launch the series with its ‘ITV presents’ season trailer in the opening break of Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway on 13 April.

Following the launch, viewers can binge-watch the entire season on YouTube. The season will also run across all video platforms, including Meta and TikTok, and will feature exclusive behind-the-scenes and additional content.

The original Charlie & Moose ads from 2016-2018, also created by And Rising, made ClearScore the number one credit checking service in the UK and achieved the highest ranking for personal finance ads on System 1.

Moreover, the commitment to create a series of ads that will unfold over the next two years has been a 12-month project unique in its approach to creating content that can connect with consumers across a wide variety of traditional and digital channels.

Medialab has developed media planning and buying in the UK.

ClearScore helps more than 21 million users worldwide manage their finances by giving them access to their credit scores and detailed credit reports, together with a wealth of other data from bank accounts.

ClearScore is free and provides insights, financial education and exclusive personalised offers on credit cards, loans, car finance, and more. Regular users of ClearScore increase their scores twice as fast.

Justin Basini, Co-founder and CEO of ClearScore, said: “ClearScore helps millions of people around the world make decisions that improve financial wellbeing. The story of Charlie and Moose is designed to bring a smile and a message of reassurance.

“ClearScore will never be able to solve the cost-of-living crisis on its own, but wherever we can, we help take some of the drama out of finance. I hope this mini-series of ads brings a positive feeling at a tough time for many.”

Marina Wong, Head of Marketing at ClearScore, said: “Since bringing back the previous campaign in 2024 we’ve have received cards, Facebook posts, and many messages about Moose being back on TV and we hope that all the love and attention we have given our new mini-series will make the campaign’s return even more special.”

Jonathan Trimble, Founder and CEO of And Rising, said: “ClearScore is an amazing UK tech success story, now making a very serious commitment to its brand on a global scale.”

Steve Parker, Executive Director at Medialab Group, added: “This is a really exciting moment for ClearScore. The return of Charlie and Moose to ClearScore’s advertising, planned across digital and offline channels, will resonate strongly with ClearScore’s audience at a time when people need a best friend supporting their finances, and we can’t wait to see the business impact it delivers.”