Cider brand Cornish Orchards launches first ever ad campaign


Cornish Orchards, the UK premium cider brand, has launched its first major advertising campaign this week, created by The Corner London.

Built on the principles of provenance, quality and sustainability, the award-winning cider’s farm, based in Duloe, Cornwall, is Soil Association certified organic.

The brand also recently planted 5,000 trees on its farm located on the Duchy of Cornwall estate.

Cornish Orchards ad campaign

Living across VOD and OOH, the work, by ad agency The Corner, establishes a new endline for the brand; ‘Locally Pressed Cider’.

Unlike many of its competitors, 100% of Cornish Orchard’s apples are pressed right on the brand’s Westnorth Manor Farm.

Working with the infamous Hydraulic Press Channel that has taken TikTok and YouTube by storm, the VOD sees the brand crushing all the things it’s not into, like artificial flavourings, cheap concentrate, stress, and daft merch, before crushing the one thing it is into – juicy apples that make its tasty cider.

Taxi wraps, six sheets and 48 sheets focus on the simplicity, locality and knowledge that defines Cornish Orchards’ approach to cider making.

Andy Box, Director of Brand Marketing, Local Brands at Asahi UK, said: “Offering the best of British, there is currently no super-premium  cider available in the market that delivers to the taste and quality standards of Cornish Orchards.

“This new campaign focuses on the unique qualities of the farm and Its processes to bring the brand to life brilliantly.”

Tom Ewart, Chief Creative Officer and Founding Partner, The Corner, said: “Unlike other ‘premium’ cider brands, Cornish Orchards press 100% of their apples on site.

“They don’t import or use cheap apple concentrate or artificial flavouring. Telling this story using a hydraulic press was more satisfying than I should probably admit.”