Chris Dolan, Scuba Analytics on the EU/US Data Privacy Framework deal

chris dolan on eu/us data privacy framework

Chris Dolan, CTO of data analytics firm Scuba Analytics, says a new data privacy agreement between Europe and the US will provide only temporary relief for businesses.

The European Commission and the United States announced last week that they have agreed in principle on a new Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework.

The agreement will aim to foster trans-Atlantic data flows and address concerns raised by the Court of Justice of the European Union in the Schrems II decision of July 2020. 

Dolan offered us his insights on the deal…

Chris Dolan

Chris dolan scuba analytics “While this provisional agreement provides temporary relief to businesses that have faced uncertainty over sharing data between the US and Europe, data privacy concerns still exist. 

“The long term future of data flows requires companies to continue to focus on ensuring that they can make important data-driven business decisions, regardless of regulations. 

“To ensure a stable resolution, data should remain behind companies’ own firewalls and within their own cloud, so it is never subject to external risks.”

The new Framework marks an unprecedented commitment on the US side to implement reforms that will strengthen the privacy and civil liberties protections applicable to US signals intelligence activities. 

Under the Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework, the United States is to put in place new safeguards to ensure that signals surveillance activities are necessary and proportionate in the pursuit of defined national security objectives, establish a two-level independent redress mechanism with binding authority to direct remedial measures, and enhance rigorous and layered oversight of signals intelligence activities to ensure compliance with limitations on surveillance activities.