Chinese stationery group Deli reveals radical rebrand by Lewis Moberly


Brand design agency, Lewis Moberly, has partnered with Chinese stationery and office group, Deli to redesign its market leading marker pen portfolio.

Deli rebrand

Deli is the top stationery brand in China and one of the top three stationery brands in the world. It positions itself as offering affordable, good quality products across a broad portfolio. Its whiteboard and permanent marker range leads sales in China.

Lewis Moberly was briefed to deliver a radical new design system for this range highlighting the quality evolution of the markers from basic usage to more advanced functionality.

The Deli marker range also needed to compete more confidently against well-known, iconic global brands as well as being markedly different and distinct from competitors in the Chinese market.

The new design system brings clarity to the current product hierarchy making it easier for consumers to navigate the portfolio. Lewis Moberly has also delivered a more consistent design language across the range, elevating the Deli aesthetic to a more modern, contemporary look and feel.

Mary Lewis, Creative Director at Lewis Moberly, said: “A challenging and rewarding project for an iconic and exciting brand.

“We are delighted to partner Deli in bringing a fresh face and clarity to an extensive range. Every aspect of the design has a role and seamlessly comes together in a modern quality aesthetic.”

Bertrand Fournier, Global Branding Director, Deli Group added: “As a result of this project, and thanks to the powerful new visual language created by Lewis Moberly, the DELI brand is now able to fully convey the quality and reliability of its products to end consumers whilst also standing apart from both global and local competition.”