Chin Up! Ribena builds Harry and Meghan their own balcony

HARRY and MEGHAN ribena jubilee

New pictures released today show Harry and Meghan Markle look-a-likes (Danielle Bourneand Rhys Whittock) greeting fans and passers-by from a ‘royal’ balcony by Tower Bridge in London.

Harry and Maghan

The ‘royal’ balcony was created by BBH for Ribena ahead of the Platinum Jubilee Weekend in a bid to give the couple their very own balcony moment and celebrate the occasion in style – with music blasting, free Ribena and fans partying with them – after not making the VIP list for the official photo.

The stunt was launched the day after Ribena launched its new advertising campaign, Chin Up!, which celebrates life’s awkward moments (like being left off the guest list from a family party). 

Bringing some Jubilee joy to the public near Tower Bridge, the balcony stunt and new £7 million ‘Chin Up’ campaign aims to encourage people to laugh through life’s stumbles together.

As the regal look-a-likes ascended the steps to the balcony, members of the public stopped to catch a glimpse of what they thought was the famous couple, who could be seen smiling and waving from the two-metre-high balcony.

Selfies were taken, autographs were given, and the royal celebrations appeared to get off to a joyous start for those not part of the official celebrations.

Commenting on the pictures, Charlotte Flook, Head of Brand at Ribena, said: “We’ve been by our consumers’ sides for over 80 years and want to encourage everyone to have a laugh through life’s awkward situations…even if missing out on one of most anticipated pictures of the year!”

Helen Rhodes, ECD at BBH added: “The stars aligned that our campaign was launching at the same time as the Queen’s Jubilee so we wanted to mark the occasion in our own Ribena-y way. 

“The Queen gave us a two day holiday, so we’ve given Harry and Meghan their very own balcony moment. It’s a win-win situation all round. 

“Happy Platinum Jubilee everyone and make sure you stock up on Ribena for those street parties.”

Members of the public can pick up a Ribena drink in the area today (Wednesday 1 June).