Chelsea FC channels the 90s with new Nike away kit by The Berry


Chelsea FC has released its 90s-inspired, 23/24 Nike away kit, with a launch film created by advertising agency / creative production company, The Berry.

With contrasting pitch blue and soar shades, the diamond geometric patterning on the fresh design is inspired by Chelsea’s heritage ’90s kits and the glamour of the Kings Road, but brings an aesthetic that does not shy away from the cutting edge.

Chelsea FC animation

Directed by The Berry Boys (Ryan Burnham & Luke Robson) and created with the CGI/VFX team at The Berry, this is a stand-out animated film inspired by the aesthetic, texture and style of the CFC away kit.

The CGI film, starring Enzo Fernandez, Reece James, Sam Kerr and Moises Caicédo, showcases Chelsea culture, groundbreaking CGI creativity and salutes retro gaming / 90s design.

Every CG scene is laced with Chelsea Easter eggs, inviting viewers to enjoy the film multiple times, to fully explore the visual details. The away kit isn’t just worn by the players – the boombox, wallpaper and flags are all sporting the texture of the kit.

For the live action scenes, the players were shot against a green screen, allowing them to be seamlessly integrated into the animated world of the film.

Each player had a different action in the film, driving the visuals and story:  Enzo Fernandez’s cheeky wink is a throwback to the era’s cheesiness; Reece James’ planting of the flag is a fitting captain’s move and nod to fan chant ‘Keep the Blue Flag Flying High’; and Caceido’s surprise appearance at the end breaks the fourth wall.

The film was directed by The Berry’s in-house directors, The Berry Boys, (Ryan Burnham and Luke Robson). The animation was created in software, using a combination of Cinema4D (with RedShift), Houdini, Rokoko Suite and the Adobe Creative Suite by The Berry’s team of CG artists.

“As a lifelong fan of the best club in London/the world, Chelsea FC, this one means a lot for me”, said Burnham. “My dad, grandad, great-grandad and four generations of my nan’s family all grew up and lived in Chelsea.

“All of them, since the club was founded in 1905, have supported Chelsea FC, through the sun and rain. Chelsea and CFC, has always been at the heart of the Burnham family.

“So, when we got the call up from Chelsea FC to launch the away kit, you can imagine how that felt.

“The Chelsea team are serious about creativity and making an impact on and off the pitch. Their attention to detail and willingness to push visuals through new filmmaking tech, CGI and VFX, is so nice to see.

“We created an unforgettable CGI film that I’ve personally never seen a football club attempt before.

“We’re so proud to launch this film to Chelsea fans, football lovers and advertising appreciators, all across the globe. Blue is the colour.”

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Jack Peters – Head of Global Fan Engagement, Chelsea FC, “said: Kit launches have become such a great creative opportunity for clubs to engage fans in a moment they’re truly passionate about.

“From a brand perspective, seasonal design stories will often tap into our history and heritage, which allows us to leverage them as a storytelling moment.

“Our Away Kit this year has this brilliant geometric diamond pattern that’s inspired by old kits from the 90s, so we’ve really leaned into that and created a world that brings it to life in a way that feels innovative, fun, and aspirational, with enough Chelsea nods that we hope our fans will love.

“Reece James quite literally ‘keeping the blue flag flying high’ is a personal favourite.”

The Berry’s Robson said: “The club prides itself on challenging the norm. Chelsea FC wanted to go further.. and The Berry were the perfect creative partners do exactly that!.

“The 23/24 away kit launch, leaps forward with creativity in the footballing world. Together, Chelsea and The Berry have built a fully CGI film that incorporates players, Chelsea culture and the 90s. A world first for football fans!”

George Bates, musician and sound composer, said: “The 90s was a time where digital and electronic instruments began to be used in more complex and experimental ways.

“With The Berry we explored a few different variations together and came back to this piece for its reflective nature.

“Layers of multiple synths and more advanced electronic drum kits gave us that “full” early 90s sound we were looking for, while conveying the nostalgic feeling that this new away kit gives us.”