Cheeky new Tesco ad by BBH reveals ‘power within’ a Clubcard


Tesco has launched a new TV campaign, created by BBH, showing how Tesco Clubcard  enables customers to feel the power to lower prices.

Clubcard savings

Having the power to save money, especially in a cost of living crisis, sparks something inside us all. The savings generated by the Tesco Clubcard, however, go one step further in this latest spot.

As customers step up with their weekly shop to then see their bill drop at the till, the reaction they have is visceral and explosive.  So much so, they just can’t control the power within, and burst into song with the iconic “The Power” track by Snap.

The aim of the campaign is to show that Tesco is on its customers’ side, helping to bring down the cost of their weekly shop – and put a smile on their face while doing it.

The campaign, which will run across TV, print, radio and social media, aims to stand out against the traditionally dry category of value-based advertising and promotional offers.

“The Power Within” launches in the UK on Monday, July 10th and rolls out across Europe in August. It will run in multiple bursts throughout the year and in 2024.

Felipe Serradourada Guimaraes, Deputy Executive Creative Director at BBH said: “It’s silly, it’s in your face, and it’s unapologetically Tesco. What else do you need?”