Charli XCX leads Depop circular fashion campaign by Yonder Media

depop charli xcx

Community-powered resale platform Depop is launching a new advertising campaign featuring singer songwriter Charli XCX alongside a cast of fellow Depop sellers. 

The campaign, which will run on VOD, Outdoor, YouTube, Snapchat and Tik Tok, was created by the fashion brand’s in-house team. 

Media strategy for the campaign has been created by independent agency Yonder Media, which handles both the media planning and buying.

Depop campaign

The ad opens with Charli XCX showing off a garment, saying: “If there’s one app you need to be on, it’s Depop.” 

Subsequent scenes show how the fashion marketplace can be the place to go for all your summer wardrobe needs, from festivals to holidays, as sellers describe their personal fashion tastes. 

The ad ends with the line: “If you love fashion and the planet, then get on Depop.”

To further promote the campaign, the online marketplace is partnering with a range of emerging and established TikTok creators including @Evelilycp, @estherxlinda, and @curlyfrysfeed, to showcase the outfits they have put together using second hand items sourced from Depop’s community of sellers.

The campaign strategy, developed by Yonder Media, seeks to place Depop front-of-mind for more shopping occasions. 

The targeting strategy uses data to identify potential shoppers at specific key moments, such as festival-goers, or those going on holiday in the near future and serves up different variations of the ad to show how Depop can meet their particular clothing needs. 

 is also looking to appeal to customers beyond its Gen Z heartland as it seeks further growth following its acquisition last year by global marketplace Etsy.

Louise Martell, Chief Strategy Officer at Yonder Media, said: “Resale is predicted to be the biggest source of growth in fashion retail over the next five years and Depop is superbly placed to take advantage of this, with a loyal audience and an active community. 

“This campaign celebrates the sellers that make Depop much more than just an app for a wardrobe clear out – it’s a place to find your personal style, from that unique festival two-piece to your summer holiday wear.”

Olivia Walker, Director of Global Marketing at Depop, said: “With Depop already enjoying high awareness, we wanted a campaign that would bring us top of mind for more people and for more shopping occasions. 

“Charli XCX is the perfect brand spokesperson for us as she can not only engage with our existing Depop fans but also widen the platform’s appeal. 

“Working with Yonder Media on finding the best targeting approach to promote this campaign has been brilliant, as they are really in tune with the different audiences we are trying to reach.”