Channel 4 to be first UK channel to offer automated ads in Xandr deal


Channel 4 will be the first UK broadcaster to offer brands the option of using the automated ads buying platform Xandr, a part of Microsoft Advertising, having added it to its suite of demand side platforms.

Automated ads on channel 4

The programmatic innovation gives advertisers the ability to fully automate the delivery of digital campaigns to attentive All 4 viewers using a bespoke self-service platform.

OMG UK is the launch partner and will be the first to benefit from Xandr’s innovative marketplace platform for a secure and large-scale programmatic campaign with Channel 4.

With Xandr’s Invest DSP joining other demand side platform partners, Channel 4 now offers more ways to buy digital advertising than ever before.

This empowers advertisers to target up to 28 million engaged viewers across Channel 4’s programmatic offering using Xandr’s fully automated campaign delivery technology.

Using the platform, advertisers will be able to buy inventory of both programmatic guaranteed (inventory that’s reserved for the buyer) and non-guaranteed (inventory that the advertiser can optionally buy, under a pre-negotiated price) across its full range of All 4 products.

Fatima Dowlet, Propositions Partner, Commercial Senior Leadership Team at Channel 4, said: “4sales continuously strives to stay at the forefront of technological developments to give clients the optimum range of tools to reach target audiences with maximum impact.

“There was a clear demand from our customers to include Invest DSP in our industry leading programmatic offering, so we listened and now welcome them to our portfolio to help advertisers buy advertising space in a way that works for them. “

Invest DSP boosts advertisers’ ability to reach Channel 4’s distinct audience on the UK’s biggest free streaming service All 4, which sees its ads watched fully 96% of the time.

As the youngest-profiling UK Public Service Broadcaster, with 80% of 16–34-year-olds registered on All 4, Channel 4 can provide unique advertising opportunities to brands.

Strategic collaborations like this with Microsoft Advertising are a key pillar in Channel 4’s Future4 strategy, which drives its transformation into a digital-first PSB while retaining its distinctive brand and public service impact.

Melinda Clow, Managing Partner at OMG UK, Specialist Activation, said: “With the increasing fragmentation of advertising streaming platforms it is fantastic to see Channel 4 empowering advertisers and buyers with choices on which buying platforms are right for their campaigns.

“By making their inventory and data available programmatically, we can drive integration of AV strategies, deliver efficiencies, and advance data application alongside accessing high quality broadcast inventory.

“We are excited to be a test partner with Xandr and Channel 4 to help advise our advertisers on programmatic buying decisions.”

Adam Lynch, Head of Broadcaster Partnerships at Xandr, said: “In the broadcaster space, we know that content reigns supreme, so we’re pleased to be able to connect Channel 4’s rich content library, programmatically, to buyers using Invest DSP.

“Through this collaboration, we’re helping our buyers make meaningful connections with their audience, in an environment where they are most engaged, while also bringing unique sets of demand from advertisers to our broadcasters.”