Channel 4 smashes ‘fourth wall’ in bold new Hollyoaks campaign


Channel 4 today launched a bold new campaign for Hollyoaks, which sees key characters candidly talking to camera and forging an unexpected connection with viewers as Mercedes, Ste and Felix show their lives aren’t so far from our own after all.


The films form part of a wider ‘Know The Feeling’ campaign which came to life from audience research and character archetype work, identifying viewers enjoyment of seeing familiar storylines on screen. 

It marks the start of a new marketing strategy for Hollyoaks focusing on a longer-term character focused campaign, whilst working hand in hand with monthly single-minded storyline bursts.

Created by Channel 4’s award-winning in-house creative agency 4creative and directed by Neil Gorringe, the films will run across the Channel 4 network and All 4, with shorter edits appearing across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snap. 

Off screen, digital out-of-home posters featuring portraits shot by Tom Sloane will continue the frank conversations, with characters posing questions to passers-by to get them thinking about their own lives.

Lynsey Atkin, Executive Creative Director of 4Creative, said: “Hollyoaks is a magnet for nearly every bit of drama life can throw at you. 

“But it’s agonising, entertaining and let’s face it, reassuring, to see yourself reflected in the characters’ lives on screen. 

“Getting into trouble, fighting other people’s battles and being the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons might look a little more glamorous in this Chester suburb, but deep down we all know the feeling, and we hope these films show the real heart of Hollyoaks.”

Amber Kirby, Marketing Director, Channel 4, said: “As Hollyoaks celebrates its 27th year on air, it is still as relevant and relatable as the day it first hit our screens. 

“With these films, we want to celebrate this by creating a knowing connection between our lead characters and the audience, showing the heartfelt and real motivations behind the storylines which keep the UK entertained week after week.”