Channel 4 recommissions The Andrew Neil Show

The Andrew Neil Show back on c4

Britain’s foremost political interviewer Andrew Neil will host a second series of his ten-part discussion show following the success of the first series, Channel 4 has confirmed.

The Andrew Neil Show

The Andrew Neil Show (Sundays, 6pm) has become essential viewing during an increasingly turbulent few months in politics.

The half-hour programme is broadcast every Sunday evening and produced by ITN Productions, in partnership with Channel 4 News.

The second series – due to start in the Autumn – promises more discussion and debate with frontline politicians, newsmakers and the country’s best-informed political journalists.

Andrew Neil has been in the business for 50 years, working as a political presenter and interviewer for more than three decades.

During his career, he has interviewed seminal world leaders such as Kofi Anan, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan; Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher and Boris Johnson; Boris Yeltsin; Nicholas Sarkozy and Valery Giscard D’Estaing; PW Botha.

“I’m delighted the show has been recommissioned”, Neil said. 

“It’s a fascinating time in UK and world politics and we try each week to cut through the noise to give people insightful interviews and analysis they can’t get elsewhere. I’m raring to go.”

Louisa Compton, Head of News & Current Affairs & Specialist Factual & Sport, Channel 4, said: “We are delighted to have Andrew Neil at Channel 4 and pleased this relationship will continue. 

“The show has covered some huge national news stories and offers viewers clear explanation and insightful and challenging interviews. 

“British Politics has never been more captivating and in times like this there’s a real need for a political programme that holds those in authority to account.

“It’s another example of our huge commitment to public service journalism and current affairs at Channel 4.”

Ian Rumsey, Managing Director, Television at ITN Productions said: “Andrew has proven why he is such a fine broadcaster and interviewer. 

“I’m delighted the show is coming back and Channel 4 continues to have such faith in it. I’m also very pleased viewers seem to enjoy the combination of forensic interviews, alongside moments of humour.”