Channel 4 launches free training resource for factual content producers


Channel 4 has created a pioneering interactive training resource for independent production companies and producers to guide and equip them with the knowledge needed to deliver more creative and compliant factual programming.

With comedian and presenter Adam Hills as the voiceover, the e-module is the first freely available training resource for the production sector from a UK broadcaster.

It aims to equip industry professionals – from young first-time online producers wanting to dip their toes into the exciting world of TV production, to editorial staff wanting to brush up or further their skill set – with a hands-on, interactive video that covers the making and broadcast of factual programmes.

Interactive demos

Through a series of practical, interactive demonstrations, the e-module is intended to be used as a reference tool, providing a pragmatic approach to compliance issues and to further develop knowledge and skills.  More e-modules will be added next year.

This marks the first of a range of initiatives Channel 4 is planning to roll out across the UK, coinciding with its 4 All The UK strategy launch including the recent opening of its new Leeds HQ, creative hubs in Glasgow and Bristol and the development of its Digital Content Unit – Channel 4’s new in-house digital agency.

Developing talent

It also follows Channel 4’s commitment to support the development of talent across the Nations and Regions with the launch of a new skills and training academy in 2020 to attract diverse industry talent and address skill gaps.

Diana Izzard, Head Lawyer – Commercial Compliance at Channel 4 said: “Our Legal & Compliance team has always been committed to helping and developing producers across the country, wherever they are based, and this has been reinforced by Channel 4 becoming a multi-site organisation.

“Effective compliance is at the core of our content, and we hope this tool will give producers the confidence to make the most creatively challenging programmes.”

The e-module forms part of the broadcaster’s wider Independent Producer’s Handbook which offers guidance on the Ofcom Code, the main areas of law and best practice guidelines that apply to the making and broadcast of Channel 4 programmes.