Channel 4 gives voice to iconic ident to highlight loneliness

channel 4 ident to highlight loneliness

Channel 4 has launched its Lonely Giant channel ident to draw attention to the theme of loneliness in support of Mental Health Awareness Week (9-15 May).

The 40 and 20 second trails will feature the unmistakable Channel 4 giant talking about his experiences of loneliness. 

Voiced by actor Tuwaine Barrett, it’s rare for the broadcaster’s iconic block giant to be heard speaking. 

He’ll invite viewers to join in the conversation, using #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek.

Loneliness campaign

Channel 4’s in-house creative agency 4Creative were behind the idea of the Lonely Giant, which reminds viewers that anyone can feel lonely, even those that seemingly have it all.

The trails will run on Channel 4, with adaptations for Twitter and Instagram, throughout Mental Health Awareness Week.

The Giant activation is part of a suite of activity Channel 4 is planning across all its platforms. A new documentary Will Young: Losing  My Twin Rupert on 10 May at 10pm is central to Channel 4’s programming around Mental Health Awareness Week.

Young speaks candidly about the pain of coping with his brother’s death following his long battle with addiction. 

He discusses the process he and his family have gone through in coming to terms with their grief, and sets out to understand the impact alcoholism can have on families and relationships.

Hollyoaks will be producing a digital content series for TikTok focused on loneliness and how that can be tackled through talking and interaction. 

The series, entitled #SparkaConversation – which is part of Hollyoaks’ ongoing Don’t Filter Feelings campaign – features a number of cast having positive, engaged conversations and underlines how this can have a huge impact on other’s wellbeing.

The series will be accompanied by a second piece of digital content where members of the cast will perform Give Someone Some Level, a poem addressing themes of loneliness.

A collection of content dedicated to Mental Health Awareness week will also feature on streaming service All 4, including Jo Brand’s How to Stay Sane in a Mad World and Gemma Collins: Self-Harm and Me.