Changing The Rules… with Jessica Lehmann-Ash, co:collective

jessica lehmann-ash

Back to New York and to Jessica Lehmann-Ash for our 4th Changing The Rules look into how our professional lives are changing under lockdown.

It’s fair to say so far, that many of us are becoming more ‘human’ in our approach to work and home life, now that the two have been thrown together in this unique way.

Quality of life is something we all prize. And, as Lehmann-Ash, who is Strategy Lead, at co:collective in the Big Apple describes below, it can even help improve our productivity…

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Jessica Lehmann-Ash

Getting out to the park in the morning with my husband and the dog for a walk and some fresh air.

It’s easier to start the day like this now as I’m not rushing to get the subway to the office.

The quality time as a family before my work day begins, and some time outside the apartment makes all the difference.

jessica lehmann-ash outside
Walkies: With no commute Jessica Lehmann-Ash starts the day with a walk with husband and family pet.

Take the break

Stopping for lunch! It’s tempting to push on through, and sometimes you have to, but my company instigated “breathing time” from 12.30-1.30pm so we can have lunch and attend to things at home, so I try to take a break.


Not to mention that my desk at home is too small for a plate and a computer, so I’ve been stepping away, making a bowl of something healthy, and listening to NPR while I eat.

jessica lehmann-ash lunch
Lunch break: Just because it’s lockdown doesn’t mean we should be tied to our home desks.

Space from my computer means I can come back refreshed for the afternoon.

Lists and reviews

Writing a new to-do list at the end of the day, rather than waiting until the next morning.

Working from home has meant a lot of blurred boundaries for me, and everyone else I’m sure, so I’ve tried to find a way to mark the end of the day before I close the computer.

Reviewing what I got done, and writing out the next day’s plan as my final task has given me a sense of structure and completion – and also sets me up to get going as soon as I sit down the next morning.

Slack time

Getting involved in the office fun on Slack. We’ve had a different person hosting a game or challenge each day, and it’s been a huge hit.

We’ve had everything from guess the baby photo to singalongs. It’s helped me get to know co-workers in a new way, and has given us something to laugh about together, which has definitely boosted our morale.

We’re hoping it’s something we continue even when we’re together IRL (in real life).

Home tech: Like Lehmann-Ash, we’re all discovering a raft a cool home usable tech, like Mural.

Tech discoveries

I’m using Mural and Miro for work sessions both internally and with clients. I was introduced to these tools by a coworker who had used them before, and it’s been a game changer for us when we’re trying to facilitate structured brainstorms and gather ideas.

Clients have found the tools intuitive and fun to use, and internally it’s given us a new way to work together without the aid of easels and paper.

The Mural boards also look great when you download them as a PDF to share with people. A win, win that gets you out of powerpoint and google slides…

If you want to share the five new things/changes to your life since lockdown, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at

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