Changing The rules… with Cat Davis at krow/MISSION

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We’re all having to change and get used to new ways of working and living, at least for the time being.

So we’ve asked you – the wonderful people who work in the media, marketing and creative sector – to share how you’re coping with life in lockdown.

In this new series from Mediashotz you’re going to witness some incredible, personal and stunning reactions to this very unusual position we’ve all found ourselves in.

The main question we’ve asked is what are you doing now that you weren’t before?

Cat Davis

We are delighted to kick-off this series with the talented and resourceful Cat Davis, Group Marketing Director at the The MISSION Group and krow Group.

The answers, as you’ll see, are thought provoking, inspiring and touching in equal measure.

So, over to you, Cat…


A dream commute

My commute is now a walk up 2 flights of stairs to my ‘home’ office, rather than a 4-hour daily commute on Southern Rail.

Mastering video tech

I’ve embraced Microsoft Teams, StarLeaf, Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, BlueJeans and every other video conferencing platform with gusto.

I encourage ‘video on’ so we can all see each other in order that I can help stay connected with my work colleagues, to help build chemistry and more personal relationships with prospective clients, and to enable me to ‘see’ friends and family too.

I never thought that I’d say video conferencing would create foundations for better communication, but it has. Never again will I have plain ‘audio’ calls if there’s more than two of us on a call. I prefer the full 3D experience!


Life’s too short to work full-time, home school, cook, clean, wash, iron, do an hour’s worth of exercise and worry about how many hours my 9 year-old is/isn’t spending on Fortnite.

Everything in balance I’ve decided.

As ‘space/time to yourself’ is at a premium in lockdown (or even impossible) – I’m just going with it.

And in letting him play I got to accompany him to his first ever concert and my first virtual concert.

Time for a Fortnite! Davis succumbed to her son’s obsession with the computer game phenomenon – and loved it!

Fortnite’s event featuring Travis Scott was stunning, spectacular in fact. A fully animated 10-minute set with Scott as a virtual avatar.

The tech was incredible. Mind-blowing. “Sic” as mini-me said.

My son was thrilled to introduce me to it, and I was thrilled to be there with him.

Self improvement

We’re all being pressured to use the ‘downtime’ for self-improvement – whether that’s learning a new language, doing a business course, redesigning the interiors of our houses, becoming patisserie chefs, or showing off our abs on Instagram – and I know Isaac Newton might have discovered gravity and invented calculus in quarantine, but my new skill is located firmly in the Vivino app.

I’ve started populating the app with the new ‘Lockdown Wines’ I’m sampling – before quarantine I used to quickly glance at the label, but now I’m taking the time out to study it! (Now is not the time to go carb free or become teetotal).

Quality pursuits

Over the last few weeks, some of my favourite moments have involved making my first batch of cinnamon buns because I wanted to support the local community bakery (so bought their flour); going for a bike ride in the sunshine and not on a weekend (and smiling wondering how many of the other ‘cyclists’ will continue after lockdown); standing outside clapping for our NHS and key workers every Thursday at 8PM and feeling quite emotional every time; my partner masterchef-ing new dishes at home so we get to go ‘out’ (albeit we’re ‘in’) on dates to different ‘restaurants’ every week.

And as I write this I just discovered that one of my best mates has just left a box of homemade cupcakes outside my front door – just because … we miss each other.

Cat_davis_Trio of Treats
Cupcake chum: YES, these are the ACTUAL homemade treats Davis’ friend delivered to her doorstep. We want!

These things I don’t want to end after we’re ‘let out’.

Making memories is what matters. And remembering the good stuff amongst these uncertain times.

Personal growth

And most importantly perhaps: listening better, valuing people, valuing time and taking time to think.

It’s not that I didn’t before. I’m just much, much better at it now.

I’m always ‘in’ the moment or ‘now’ rather than chasing my tail to get to my next meeting/call/train, etc.

Realising it’s ok to do nothing sometimes. And just how precious our time on this earth is.

I’m being more productive, because I get to work when my mind is most productive, and can hence ‘escape’ to do something else when it isn’t working as well without feeling guilty.

I can manage my own time, some of the time, rather than having my schedule dictated by external forces.

Yes, there are the new skills I have learnt, but I hope we have all learnt a bit about ourselves during lockdown, and that we – and the world – come out better as a result.

If you want to share the five new things/changes to your life since lockdown, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at

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