Champagne House Charles Heidsieck partners with Herezie to explore depth


Advertising agency Herezie and Champagne House Charles Heidsieck have teamed up for a collaboration “Exploring Depth” campaign, recently launched on Instagram (#ExploringDepth) and which has just launched internationally in print and OOH.

Charles Heidsieck

Shot 30 metres underground in the 2,000-year-old crayères in Reims, France, the striking campaign organised by Herezie and photographer Ljubodrag Andric celebrates the UNESCO World Heritage Site, which was purchased by the Maison’s founder in 1867.

The campaign reveals the uniqueness of the ancient chalk quarries turned chalk cave cellars, and the subsequent unique character of Maison Charles Heidsieck champagnes, internationally renowned for their texture and the depth of their aroma.

Photographer Ljubodrag Andric stands out as a contemporary visual artist whose artistic research focuses on the relationship between space and architecture.

Known for his powerful, textured, and vibrant landscape photography, his work has been exhibited in art galleries around the world (Robert Koch, San Francisco; Nicholas Metivier, Toronto).

Andric spent five days in the underground world of the chalk quarries, which offer ideal conditions for the ageing of champagnes, with a temperature of 10 degrees C all year round, and just the right levels of darkness and humidity.

Andric’s goal was to capture the depths of the ancient chalk quarries, their texture and the mysteries within.

His photos play with light, emphasising the colour and texture of the chalk walls, capturing the uniqueness of the House’s five emblematic vintages: Brut Réserve, Rosé Réserve, Blanc de Blancs, Brut Millésimé and Blanc des Millénaires.

Each of the campaign’s five images (below) offer a unique visual and sensory experience.

That Charles Heidsieck’s initials are the first two letters of the word Champagne is a happy coincidence for a champagne considered a benchmark in the field.

The agency took the opportunity to cleverly integrate the brand’s monogram with the word “Champagne” to create a powerful, unique identity.

“Exploring Depth” can also be found in stores and on the brand’s social networks. The film (above) takes us into the special world of the ancient chalk quarries, owned by the Champagne House.

Herezie CEO, Andréa Stillacci, said of the Heidsieck creative: “For us, this campaign has been a true journey into the depths. An unprecedented artistic exploration of a place beyond belief.

“We now understand, a little better, the exquisite mystery that lies behind Charles Heidsieck’s unbeatable taste experience.”