CeraVe ranked most effective Super Bowl brand on TikTok

CeraVe and the NFL were the big brand winners of last night’s Super Bowl 58.

That’s according to global creative effectiveness platform DAIVID, which today revealed the most effective TikTok brands and ‘Big Game’ ads during Sunday’s sporting spectacle.

The ad research company, which helps advertisers measure and improve the effectiveness of their content at scale, used its advanced testing platform to find out which Super Bowl advertisers had the biggest impact on the hearts, minds and wallets of viewers.

TikTok rankings

To reflect the growing importance of TikTok to marketers, DAIVID created a ranking of the most effective Super Bowl brands on the short form video platform.

After measuring the effectiveness of the TikTok content published by all the Big Game advertisers on their respective channels, including teasers, behind-the-scenes footage and recipes for the Big Game, skincare brand CeraVe finished in top spot.

Paramount+ and Dunkin were second and third respectively. Rankings were based on each brand’s aggregated Creative Effectiveness Score – a composite metric that combines the three main drivers of effectiveness: attention, emotions and memory.

Other brands that appear in the top 10 include Dove, VW and Mountain Dew (full charts below). 

Meanwhile, NFL’s “Born To Play” was crowned the most effective standalone Super Bowl ad from the Big Game broadcast.

Featuring the story of a young boy from Africa dreaming of playing football, the ad took the number one spot after it attracted the second most intense positive emotional responses (behind Google) from viewers (65.5%) and one of the highest brand recall scores (83.5%).

In second spot was Popeye’s “The Wait Is Over”, while spots from Uber Eats, CeraVe and Paramount+ also made the top 5. Both TMobile spots made the top 10.

Top 10 Most Effective Super Bowl 2024 Brands on TikTok 

Source: Daivid

Ian Forrester, CEO and founder of DAIVID, said: “CeraVe’s superb use of TikTok to tease its ad with actor Michael Cera gained it top spot of the TikTok chart.

“Using a mix of spoof interviews with employees and Cera himself, fake internal announcements and influencer content, the brand created the myth that a crazed Cera was claiming to have developed the product.

“The content generated a cumulative 5.8m views, maximising the impact of its Big Game spot.”

Top 10 most effective ads from Super Bowl 58

Source: Daivid

Forrester added: “The NFL’s Big Game spot evoked intense positive emotions among 66.5% of the audience (+29.1% vs. US norm).

With the vast majority of ads this year seeking to amuse viewers, the ad stood out by evoking inspiration (29.7%), admiration (24.1%), hope (21.4%) and warmth (21.4%).

This outstanding emotional response, combined with strong attention (74.5%, +4.9% vs. norm) and excellent brand recall (83.5%, +20.0% vs. norm), won the ad top honours.”