Cats reject toys in favour of SHEBA in cute new campaign


A new humorous campaign delves into the irresistible allure of cats and their unwavering preference for the SHEBA brand.

Developed by AMV BBDO, the latest instalment of the “Resistance is Futile” platform showcases the lengths cat parents go to in their quest to please their feline companions, only to discover that All They Want Is SHEBA.

SHEBA delights

The campaign supports the launch of the new and improved SHEBA range. Featuring upgraded recipes and innovative additions such as the SHEBA Sauce Collection and SHEBA Kitten, the brand aims to cater to every cat’s discerning palate with a tantalising array of flavours and textures.

Fernanda Berti Crepaldi, SHEBA European Brand manager, said “The new SHEBA range is crafted to deliver the best experience of taste for cats.

“We know pet parents are looking to emotionally connect with their cats, and they are prepared to give them anything they want to enjoy a magnetic moment of connection.

“When parents realise that what their cat really wants is SHEBA, they’ll be powerless to resist. We’re thrilled to unveil this new campaign that not only entertains and engages cat parents, but also instils the confidence and assurance needed to choose SHEBA for their beloved feline companions”.

A series of films articulate the insight that pet parents will do anything for their cat, and that all too familiar feeling of realising the gift they thought would finally land, is once again rejected.

Ultimately, the spots depict cat parents’ willingness to indulge their cats’ desires, capturing that moment of mutual seduction.

Directed by GRANDMAS through Academy Films, the films star Russian Blue’s mesmerising teal eyes to deliver the humour in a simple and engaging way.

They convey irreverence, with a “knowing smile”, a “twinkle in the eye”, making it disruptive but relatable. In versions of 20, 15 and 6 seconds, the films will run on TV and social media.

As part of the campaign, SHEBA is also launching a “Redeem Yourself” sampling initiative targeted at pet parents who have experienced the disappointment of gift rejection.

Through various social and digital platforms, cat owners will be directed to claim free samples of the SHEBA Sauce Collection, ensuring their cats receive what they truly desire.

AMV BBDO creatives behind the work Ben Smith and Dan Kennard said: “While cat parents may shower their pets with toys, treats, and gifts in a bid to win their affection, our campaign humorously reveals that all they truly want is SHEBA.

“We celebrate the hilarity in the lengths we go to ‘give in’ because, ultimately, nothing feels better than knowing we’ve given our cats what they want”.

Static posters, billboards and digital OOH will also impact pet parents through photography featuring real bored looks of cats captured by Dan Burn-Forti.