Wednesday, January 20, 2021

CES 2020: What the future holds for advertisers

If you want to know what the future may hold for advertisers, the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas could provide some...
data play in company growth

Why clever data use is key to marketing and driving growth

The global pandemic has focused businesses on efficiency amid possibly the worst health crisis in a century. We’re looking increasingly at any areas where...

Brands and brand partnerships – what you need to know

New technology is just one of the factors driving a sea change in how brands market themselves these days. Linking up with other brands...
Chris Kemp 1

Mediastarz: Chris Kemp, Founder and CEO Ingenuity

How do you make sure you survive a planet-sized curve ball like the coronavirus pandemic? You pivot, of course. At least that’s how Chris Kemp...

Branded life: Coca-Cola – dancing fizz and diversity

You know that moment when you pour a Coca-Cola and you get the dancing fizz? Ever since I was a kid I've loved that moment...
audio ads main for audiomob

Audio ads could boost sales from Black Friday and beyond

The burgeoning audio ads market is gathering momentum and brands could gain an advantage of a burgeoning new sector for audio ads in mobile...

Working from home: How one Ad Exec learned to juggle

Working from home could either be the ideal work/life balance scenario, or you idea of hell. But now that most of us have been getting...
Emma Thompson headshot 2

VIDEO: Mediastarz: Emma Thompson, Head of Agency, Golley Slater

How does a brand stay relevant and on point during a huge crisis such as the COVID19 outbreak and lockdown? What are they focusing on?...

Five alternative brand names Harry and Meghan may want to avoid

They no longer have their HRH moniker, and Harry and Meghan are now having a wee spot of bother trying to hang onto their...
Cat Davis - surviving 2020

Surviving 2020: Cat Davis looks back at the year everything changed

As the year of the COVID pandemic limps off to the self-isolation of ‘the past’, we’re looking at how 2020 has changed us. Some of...