Monday, August 2, 2021
Brian Kavanaugh Bynder

How creative teams can tackle the content crunch

New tech and changing consumer responses mean creativity in brand content marketing is now more important than ever. Brian Kavanaugh, Director, NA Field & Global...

Creatopy sees next generation tools giving brands freedom to create

Creatopy Founder and CEO, Gabriel Ciordas, explains why next-generation creative tools will liberate brands' creativity and help their outputs match the relentless pace of...
brand partnerships are a win-win

How brand partnerships may be the answer to an ‘ad-less’ world

As consumers increasingly shift towards the ‘ad-less’ side of the digital world, brand partnerships look set to become more important than ever. There are big...
super fans and brands

Why brands need to find and nurture their Super Fans

When setting up your brand, there are a few things you will need to do to ensure your success. Have an attractive web design...

How brands could unlock millions in Super Bowl royalties

The annual Super Bowl is one of the world’s most-watched sporting events, attracting millions of eyeballs across the globe, while being the most-watched American...
joe media ceo samuel regan-asante

Interview: JOE Media CEO Samuel Regan-Asante

Last month content production house JOE Media announced the appointment of Samuel Regan-Assante as its new UK CEO. JOE Media was acquired by Greencastle Capital...
glamour's gamechangers

Odelay director creates Glamour’s winners film for 2021 awards

Odelay Films director Hannah Berry George co-wrote and directed Glamour’s ‘The Gamechangers’ awards film to mark the 20th anniversary of the much anticipated awards. Glamour's...

Cookieless browsing is coming – here’s what you need to do

One of the key issues facing the advertising world this year is the move towards cookieless browsing and what it will mean for agencies,...

How social media influencers are set to be reshaped by AI

Social media influencers have done their bit to keep their followers entertained throughout each and every lockdown, but now we’re seeing an influx in...

Lockdown lessons: James Clifton The MISSION Group

It's been eleven months now since the first lockdown came into effect in the UK and like many, James Clifton, Group Chief Executive of...