Castore builds on ‘Better Never Stops’ campaign by FCB London


For sportswear brand Castore‘s newest range of reflective workout gear, FCB London has brought together some of Britain’s best-known athletes in a special build campaign that tells the story of why “Better Never Stops,” because sometimes you need to take time to reflect, go again, and prove your doubters wrong.

‘Better Never Stops’

Andy Murray has hit back more disappointments than tennis balls. Adam Peaty has swam against tide after tide of rejections. Jos Butler has continually smashed the doubters for six.

Despite facing major setbacks, rejections, and disappointments on the way to making it to the top of their sport – all have found the strength to go again.

FCB London’s special build posters use reflective materials to highlight the qualities of Castore’s new Light Reflective Range.

The glow of the posters in the night acts as a beacon for all athletes, helping them to train through the dark nights but also to train through the dark moments and to turn disappointment into motivation.

It’s a philosophy that runs deeper than sport: as Albert Einstein said: “Failure is success in progress.”

Castore’s ‘Light’ range launches the newest collection of male and female reflective clothing for the brand to help them stay visible through the darker hours.

The range is available in shorts, t-shirts, vests, leggings, and jackets, equipping athletes with what they need to stay seen and find their edge.

Castore’s message to all athletes is that we should not be afraid of failure, because we learn far more from the punches taken than from the hits we deliver, which is why it’s so important to reflect on disappointments — they are part of every single journey.

The ads will appear on reflective special builds and fly posters throughout the UK for two weeks, and as double page spread in the December and January issues of GQ, as well as Men’s Fitness and Women’s Fitness.

Saffron Milligan, Global Head of Marketing at Castore, said: “Launching Castore’s light collection was incredibly important for us as a brand.

“The team at FCB understood this and were able to develop creative that showcased our ambassador roster, brand values, and the new products we had to offer.

“The reflective billboard is a bold step forward for us and we’re excited about what we can achieve together in the future”

Jack Walker from FCB London, said: “At FCB London we’re constantly seeking ways to blend creativity with innovation, to tell a story that resonates beyond words.

“Our latest collaboration with Castore, in partnership with Buildhollywood, is a testament to this. We’ve taken Castore’s reflective material and turned it into not just an ad, but an experience – a special build poster that literally shines at night showcasing the unique properties of the product.

“Alongside the hero 48 sheet the campaign will run as a series of bespoke fly posters across the UK and as a DPS.”